Battlefield 2042 Best Weapons

Choosing the best weapons to use is one of the most important choices that you will need to make in any first-person shooter. With its extensive and powerful arsenal of all manner of weapons, Battlefield 2042 is no different. It has weapons suited for every role and playstyle. Though, if you are unfamiliar with how these work in the game, it can be difficult to select the best ones. To help save you time trying out different combinations which may not necessarily work all that well, our Battlefield 2042 Best Weapons guide will list out all the best guns to use in BF2042 – both in the early game, as well as later on.

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Battlefield 2042 Best Weapons

Best Starting Weapons in Battlefield 2042

While the weapons we will cover here can be subjective choices and your mileage with them may vary, they do stand out from the rest in a positive way. For that reason, we highly recommend you check out the following as your starting weapons:

  • PBX 45 SMG. An excellent starting weapon and great for close quarters combat.
  • DM7. The perfect mid-range automatic rifle, it allows you to do a lot of damage quickly to targets which are reasonably far away from you. YouTuber GaGOD has a lot of good advice on how to customize this rifle.

Battlefield 2042 Best Weapons

Now, let’s get into the best weapons overall. Some of these require that you grind the game until you receive them (typically around Level 14-18), but they pull their weight for the rest of the game. So, let’s see which ones of these stand out:

  • PP-29. The PP-29 is an absolute beast of an SMG. High firepower and great handling make for an ideal weapon that, thanks to its large magazine size, can mow down several enemies before you need to reload it.
  • SFAR-M GL. The assault rifle counterpart to the PP-29. However, all this power comes at a price – its lower handling. You won’t be able to move around much with it, but if you do manage to line up a nice clear shot – your enemies will definitely feel it. This video provides a couple of nice tips on how best to utilize it.
  • SVK. Almost a sniper rifle, the SVK is an accurate and deadly weapon. The high-power mag reduces its magazine size to 6 from 10, but increases the firepower to make it even more lethal.
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