Battlefield 2042 Error 2002g Fix

The Battlefield 2042 Error 2002g fix, aka the Unable to Load Persistence error, is something that the player base has been crying out for since the early access begun. The servers are getting slammed from every which way, leading to all sorts of connection problems, including this one. Luckily, the developers are looking for a solution already, but is there something you can do on your end? Let’s find out.

battlefield 2042 error 2002g fix
Battlefield 2042 Error 2002g Fix

How to Fix Error 2002g in Battlefield 2042 – Unable to Load Persistence

To fix the Battlefield 2042 Error 2002g – Unable to Load Persistence, the only thing that you can do is quit the game, exit Origin, and then restart them both. Try and get into a match. While you’re at it, make sure to play the game directly via Origin. There’s no guarantee this will work, but it’s worth a shot, since the only official “fix” so far is “for now you can hit Retry and attempt to join a server.” On the bright side, the developers are at least aware of the problem and are working on it, as you can see in the tweet below.

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Another potential fix for the Battlefield 2042 Unable to Load Persistence Error 2002g is to disable crossplay. Again, it might not work, but it’s worth giving it a swing, since the alternative is just sitting and staring at a loading screen / error screen. Also, power-cycling your console to clear the cache seems to have helped some people. All that said, realistically speaking, the only real solution can come from the developers rolling out a patch. Try and be patient until then.

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