Battlefield 2042 How To Hold Breath With Sniper Scope Zoom

Currently in Early Access, Battlefield 2042 will be released soon. Players all over the world will be able to engage in massive battles which will pit them against dozens of opponents. The game is graphically very impressive, as well as hardware-demanding, so we recommend you also give our how to boost FPS guide a read. Being so large in both size and design scope, there are many gameplay systems that you will need to master in BF2042. One of these is how to hold your breath so that you can aim your sniper scope zoom better. To help you quickly get a handle on this mechanic, our Battlefield 2042 How To Hold Breath With Sniper Scope Zoom guide is here to tell you everything you will need to know about how to use it.

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Battlefield 2042 How To Hold Breath With Sniper Scope Zoom

How To Hold Breath in BF2042

First, to explain how this mechanic works in the game. Whenever you use a sniper rifle and DMR and you want to use it for what it’s designed for – sniping – you will see that, once it is zoomed out, the scope will sway around. This was done for the sake of realism, to simulate the effect of breathing. And, just like in the real world, snipers and other precise shooters have to hold their breath before taking the shot. This is where the Hold Breath button comes in. The Hold Breath Button is, by default, the Shift Key on the PC, Down on the D-pad for Xbox, and the L3 button on the PlayStation. This is the same button which also controls sprinting, so it is easy to memorize where it is.

hold breath button
The Hold Breath button.

When you hold down this button, the swaying will stop, but only for a couple of seconds. You will need to take your shot during that timeframe. This effect “recharges” after several seconds and you can then use it again. Another important thing to note is that, if you get the “Sniper” field upgrade, the duration of this will be doubled, giving you twice as much time to line up that perfect shot.

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