How to Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

Figuring out how to beat Cookie Run Kingdom stage 16-30 can be difficult. After all, there are several things that you have to do if you want to emerge victorious. For one, you have to put together a team that can beat the difficult boss. Plus, you need to deck them out in appropriate toppings, pick the right Treasures, and more. So, here are some tips that should help you out.

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how to beat 16-30 cookie run kingdom
How to Beat 16-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Beat Stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

To beat stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom, you first need to build the right team. So, let’s begin with the front line. There, you want a strong defense-type Cookie; somebody like Financier, Hollyberry or Wildberry with all five Almond toppings. The middle is where you put the DPS and the support. Ideally, you want Pomegranate (with Almond and Chocolate) and Espresso (with Raspberry and Almond) in there, or whatever other combo you have that works for you. Lastly, the rear is where you have the healers, which will be critical. You absolutely have to have Pure Vanilla decked out in Chocolate toppings. The other healer is somewhat variable; you can go with Herb or Cream Unicorn, for example. With a combo of Chocolate and Almond toppings, of course.

So, that’s the team that will have the best odds to beat Cookie Run Kingdom stage 16-30. Obviously, all of the cookies you’re planning to use have to be leveled up to 65 or at least close to it. The same goes for the Treasures you’re planning to use; the higher level they are, the better your chances. You should go with the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, the Squishy Jelly Watch, and maybe the Hollyberian Royal Necklace. One importnat thing to do is to turn of auto attack, because you’ll want to time abilities yourself. This is especially true of Pure Vanilla’s heals, which you should save until they’re absolutely necessary. The boss has some really devastating attacks, so you want Vanilla to be at the ready when they happen. I wish you the best of luck.

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