Destiny 2 Reaper & Dynamo Mod Not Working Explained

The Reaper and Dynamo mod are not working in Destiny 2, and Guardians that rely on these mods are confused as to why. Is it a bug of some sort? Did Bungie disable them for some reason? What is going on? Don’t worry, we will explain everything in this guide. It’s a bummer of a situation, but at least it’s not on your end.

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destiny 2 reaper & dynamo mod not working explained
Destiny 2 Reaper & Dynamo Mod Not Working Explained

Destiny 2 Reaper and Dynamo Mod Not Working Issue

The Reaper and Dynamo mod are not working in Destiny 2, that much I think we’ve established fairly solidly. What we have to bring up now is that it’s not actually an “issue” per se. Rather, the developers have disabled them for the time being, on purpose. This much has been confirmed on the Bungie Help Twitter account. Why? Well, the tweet doesn’t say. However, I think we can guess. As far as the Reaper mod goes, Guardians have found an exploit that allows them to spawn infinite orbs in PvP. So, since it’s broken, of course the devs decided to turn it off for a while. The Dynamo mod, meanwhile, has been reducing the cooldown far too much. Therefore, also broken and disabled.

And there you go, that’s why both the Reaper and Dynamo mod are not working in Destiny 2 at the moment. The developers have intentionally turned them off because they’re not functioning properly. As a result, they will remain unusable until Bungie tweaks them and fixes the exploits. We have no idea how long this might take; the tweet certainly doesn’t give us any further information. At time of writing, it’s been ten hours, and there have been no progress updates. So, if your build depends on these mods in any measure, I’d look into alternatives for the time being. Hopefully, the changes won’t invalidate those builds entirely.

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