How to Beat Night 4 TDS Solar Eclipse Event

The question of how to beat Night 4 in the TDS Solar Eclipse event in Tower Defense Simulator has been the matter of some discussion among the game’s fan base. It requires good communication with other players and precise coordination, so that you can use the cannon to disrupt Umbra’s deadly attacks and do damage. We’re gonna get into more details of the correct strategy in our How to Beat Night 4 TDS Solar Eclipse Event guide.

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how to beat night 4 tds solar eclipse event
How to Beat Night 4 TDS Solar Eclipse Event

How to Beat Night 4 in Tower Defense Simulator (TDS)

To beat Night 4 in the Tower Defense Simulator TDS Solar Eclipse event, you need to make smart use of the cannon to disrupt Umbra. It doesn’t come online until the last, sixteenth wave. When that begins, electrified orbs will begin spawning. You need three of these in order to charge and fire the cannon. One cannon shot is the only thing that can stop Umbra’s devastating base attack that takes out 40 base health and can kill you.

So, when the last wave begins, two players should run around, gather charges, and make the cannon ready to fire. When it’s charged, they can take on other duties. One player fires the cannon, and since reflexes are paramount, it should not be a mobile player if possible. As soon as you see Umbra charging up the mega-attack, fire. You have about one second to react. Sometimes Umbra will fire another such attack right after being stunned, but you need to stop at least that first attack.

That’s the basic strategy for how to beat Night 4 in the Tower Defense Simulator TDS Solar Eclipse event. There is some room for flexibility, though. If the runners can gather three charges really quickly, you can fire the cannon even if Umbra is not charging the mega-attack. Also, if you have enough base health to weather the mega-attack, feel free to fire the cannon, but don’t get too cocky.

Of course, you should also take care and upgrade your towers as possible and necessary. However, the cannon will be your main tool to survive. You need to prevent every single mega-attack you can, and only the big weapon is powerful enough to do so. Check out the WikiaColors video below to see it all in action.

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