Beat Super Hard Mode Doors Roblox

In our Beat Super Hard Mode Doors Roblox guide, we are going to give you a number of tips and pointers on how to survive this brutal mode. That’s not to say that we can save you from dying; nobody can. The best we can do is provide some advice that should help you on your journey. Here we go.

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beat super hard mode doors roblox
Beat Super Hard Mode Doors Roblox

Doors Super Hard Mode, April Fools Event

You’ll have the chance to beat the Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors, aka the April Fools event, from April 1st to about April 7th or so. The mode will remain playable on private servers even after the event warps up. Generally, it plays just like any other round of Doors, just with the difficulty ramped way, way up. Fortunately, there are also new items to help you survive. These include Shield Potions (mini and regular), the Holy Hand Grenade (like the Crucifix but really powerful) and the NVCS-3000 X-ray (found in the pre-round shop, reveals hidden things and gives you night vision. Except no it doesn’t; the X-ray is an April Fool’s joke and you can’t buy it. Yet.

Doors Super Hard Mode New Entities & How to Beat

To beat Super Hard Mode in Roblox Doors, you have to be aware of the new entities. Beyond that, things are exactly the same, just ramped up. Entities you are already familiar come with extra spice, so to speak. The new entities just make things so much worse. They include random banana peels that you slip on and take a bit of damage. It’s much worse if you’re trying to hide or run away and then a goddamn banana peel ruins everything.

Another entity to beware is the room 0002 key, which will kill you instantly if you touch it. Instead, go to the side of the bookcase to the right of the lobby fireplace to find key 0001. There’s also the Subspace Tripmine (kills everything in its radius and emits a pink glow), Greed (a mouth of jagged teeth that appears if you loot too much too quickly) and Seek running you over in a car. Oh, and Jeff the Killer, because why not?

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