How to Become Shirtless - NBA 2K22 Next Gen - Take Your Shirt Off

A lot of players are wondering how to become shirtless & take your shirt off in NBA 2K22 on next gen consoles. Interestingly enough, you actually have to complete quests in order to earn the privilege of going around shirtless. That’s annoying enough, but on top of that, they changed the rules with the new update. So, we’ll show you how to take your shirt off in NBA 2K22 in this guide.

how to become shirtless nba 2k22 next gen take your shirt off
How to Become Shirtless – NBA 2K22 Next Gen – Take Your Shirt Off

Take Your Shirt Off in NBA 2K22 Next Gen – How to Become Shirtless

To become shirtless or take your shirt of in next gen NBA 2K22, you have to complete a specific quest. Go to the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship and find the NPC called Heather. She’ll probably be wearing a blue jacket and a white dress. All you have to do is talk to her and accept and complete every quest she has to give you. Eventually, you’ll get the quest called “Don’t Forget Sunscreen” from her. It requires you to win five park games in a row five different times. After that’s done, you’ll unlock the option to take your shirt off.

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This is the system for unlocking the shirtless option now that the new update has dropped. Before this patch, it worked completely differently. Just in case they change it back, I’ll explain how to becoming shirtless in NBA 2K22 or taking your shirt off used to work. You had to take the Career City Quest called, well, “Take your shirt off.” To do that, you needed to go to the 2K Club and meet a guy called ATM. He gives you the quest, and to complete it, you needed to complete 25 2v2 games of any affiliation to unlock the privilege of going shirtless. There, now you know about both methods if you need them.

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  1. T

    Where is atm? Yal should probably think when writing these articles maybe I should explain how to find the actual Npc because without that the rest of the article is pointless lol.

    1. J

      He’s… he’s in front of the 2K Club building. I say so in the guide.

  2. J

    What if the quest isn’t there how do I get it to show ?

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    Jay Lavati

    How do I get to the ship on next gen?!

  4. B
    Bobby Buckets

    You have to play 5 2v2 games to unlock the mission.

    1. K

      Where can I find 2v2 spots in next gen?

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