Steph and Ryan Romance Options - Life is Strange: True Colors

Romance has always been an important part of every LiS game, and Life is Strange: True Colors is no different, with you having two romance options this time around: Steph and Ryan. You can romance only one of them, and this is one of the most important decisions you will need to make during your playthrough. While there is an option to romance neither, we all know that going this route isn’t fun. So, in this Steph and Ryan Romance Options – Life is Strange: True Colors guide, we explain both of these romances, and the choices that you will have to make to begin a romantic relationship with one of them.

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Steph and Ryan Romance Options - Life is Strange True Colors

Steph Romance Options in Life is Strange: True Colors

There are many smaller choices throughout the first three chapters that can indicate Alex’s attraction to Steph. For example, you can play the Jukebox Game with her. If you want to get the most out of this budding relationship, you should talk with her often, and agree to participate in activities such as this.

The critical moment in the relationship comes in Chapter Four, during the Spring Festival. You have the option of giving out roses to the people you like. So, pick up a rose from the rose cart and head to the DJ Booth where Steph is. Give her the rose. But that’s not all. To seal the deal and officially become romantically involved with her, agree to meet up with her after the show. When you talk with her again, you have to pick the Kiss option. If you select the Hug option, you will remain platonic friends.

Ryan Romance Options in Life is Strange: True Colors

The Ryan romance is very similar to Steph’s. Just like with Steph, you have many chances to hint at your growing attraction to him. And, like with Steph, the most important decision also occurs during the Spring Festival in Chapter Four. Pick up a rose from the Rose Cart. Now, walk over to Ryan. He can be found to the right of the stage. Select the option to give him the rose. He will ask that you meet him afterwards. The next time you talk with him, you will need to select the Kiss option in order to progress your relationship to a full-blown romance. If you choose the Hug option, he and you will continue being just friends.

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