Belts FFXIV Endwalker What to Do With Belts

FFXIV Endwalker has removed belts from the game, meaning many people are wondering what to do with belts in their possession. The game has also not deposited them in any obvious place. Any stripped from your character have to be picked up from an NPC. Luckily, there are a few ways you can gain some value from leftover ones. Read on as we discuss what to do with belts in FFXIV Endwalker.

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Belts FFXIV Endwalker What to Do With Belts
Belts FFXIV Endwalker What to Do With Belts

One of the more baffling changes made in Final Fantasy Endwalker was the removal of belts. Before, they had an item slot on your character. They could increase statistics and even merge with materia. However, you now don’t have anywhere to equip them and when you log on, you may find your belts have vanished.

The belts are still in the game, you just need to hunt them out. Go to your nearest Calamity vendor.  You can find them in Limsa Lomina, Old Gridania, or Ul’dah. Talk to the NPC and select the item retrieval option. You will get any belts that were in your equipment chest, along with the one you may have been wearing. Before deciding what to do, remove any materia from belts. If you have ones that have reached Maximum Spirit Bond, then you can also extract materia.

What to Do With Belts FFXIV Endwalker

If you don’t have a crafting class, then consider selling them. Once sold or lost, you won’t be able to get them back. However, it is unlikely that Final Fantasy will bring belts back, so you don’t need them anymore. You are better off making some Gil.

Probably the best option is to trade them in. Use your Grand Company and swap them for seals. This at least claims something of value from them.

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