Wormadam Trainer Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Wormadam is one of the many end-game Pokemon you will be able to encounter and catch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. In fact, if you want to get the National Dex, Wormadam is one of the Pokemon that you will need to see. Though, due to how difficult it can be to encounter it in the game, this can be quite a challenge in itself. While there is a way you can obtain it, the far easier method is to battle a Pokemon Trainer that has it. In this Wormadam Trainer Pokemon Brilliant Diamond guide, we will explain all of the ways you can interact with a Wormadam in Pokemon BDSP.

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Wormadam Trainer Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Where to Find Wormadam Trainer in Pokemon BDSP

There is only one Pokemon Trainer in the game that has a Wormadam. This Trainer can be found on Route 214. She is called Beauty Devon, and you can locate her there between Veilstone City and the Valor Lakefront Resort. When you battle her, you will automatically complete the Pokedex requirement for Wormadam. This is the easier way to encounter Wormadam in the game, but there is another way to do this, and we will discuss it in the next section.

How to Get Wormadam in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

In order to get a Wormadam in Pokemon BDSP, you will first need to catch its pre-evolution form – Burmy. And not just any Burmy, no, you specifically need to find a female Burmy, since only they can evolve into Wormadam. To find a Burmy, you have to find and use honey on a tree. There are trees all over the map that you can slather with honey. Wait for several hours, and then, if you are lucky, you might catch a female Burmy that way. Once you have one, level it up to Level 20, and it will then evolve into Wormadam.

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