Best Ice Spirit Evolution Deck Clash Royale

The Ice Spirit is the latest Clash Royale card that has gotten the Evolution treatment. And to celebrate this, there is an Ice Spirit Evolution challenge currently running in the game. The star of this challenge is, of course, the Ice Spirit itself, as every deck needs to include it. Naturally, this means that you need to integrate this card into your arsenal as best as you can – by adding other Cards that can synergize well with it and make the most out of its new use on the battlefield. So to help you successfully complete this challenge, we are going to provide you with the absolute best Ice Spirit Evolution Deck for Clash Royale, right here in our guide.

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Best Ice Spirit Evolution Deck Clash Royale
Best Ice Spirit Evolution Deck Clash Royale

Best Deck for Ice Spirit Evolution Clash Royale

First, let’s see what the Ice Spirit Evolution is all about. Now, unlike most other Card Evolutions, the Ice Spirit doesn’t have buffed stats. Which is a shame, because, as a 1 Elixir unit, it isn’t particularly durable. Thankfully, it does add a pretty nifty ability to make up for this fact. The ability in question is Ice Blast. When the evolved Ice Spirit comes in contact with its target, the target is going to get frozen, sticking it in place. It will then be frozen two more times, and these extra freeze effects will also affect the enemy units around it and likewise deal damage to them as well. This also affects buildings as well, making it for a potentially very useful Evolution effect. And now, let’s see the #1 Best Ice Spirit Evolution Deck:

  • Ice Spirit Evolution – this card costs 1 Elixir.
  • Rocket – this card costs 6 Elixir.
  • Executioner – this card costs 5 Elixir.
  • Valkyrie – this card costs 4 Elixir.
  • Hog Rider – this card costs 4 Elixir.
  • Tornado – this card costs 3 Elixir.
  • Goblins – this card costs 2 Elixir.
  • The Log – this card costs 2 Elixir.
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