Best Hunter Pet SoD

In our Best Hunter Pet SoD guide, we are going to talk about what the best Hunter pet is the best to use in the Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic. There are many options you can go for, and each is valid in its own way. Personal preference is going to play a role here. However, there’s definitely one pet you can tame that is definitely head and pincers above the rest.

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best hunter pet sod
Best Hunter Pet SoD

Season of Discovery Best Hunter Pet

The best Hunter pet in WoW Season of Discovery, or SoD, will vary depending on how the meta moves. At time of writing, that’s definitely the Scorpid. There are several different types of this pet that you can tame. It doesn’t really matter which one you go for; they all have the same stats. There’s the Corrupted Scorpid, the Venomtail Scorpid, and the Death Flayer, all of which can be found around Durotar. Then, there’s also the Silithid Swarmer and the Silithid Creeper, which spawn in the Southern Barrens. So, yeah, the Hunters in the Horde are going to have an easier time of getting a Scorpid.

Now, as to why the Scorpid is so strong right now, it’s because their poison scales with your attack power, and the Kill Command’s damage boost does not consume charges, as pointed out by Veramos Gaming. It can also get bonuses from Beast Mastery (30% to damage) and Aspect of the Lion (10% to stats). That’s why the Scorpid is currently the best hunter pet in Season of Discovery, or SoD – the damage it can do is astounding. Just be sure to apply the Kill Command before you apply the poison.

Now, of course, there are alternatives to this. When it comes to the later game, the Son of Hakkar Wind Serpent (found in Zul’Gurub), the Bloodaxe Worg Wolf (found in Lower Blackrock Spire) and Broken Tooth Cat (found in the Badlands) are all great choices. Feel free to share your own Hunter Pet preferences in the comments below.

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