Blox Fruits Confetti

The Blox Fruits Confetti are a new currency that you can collect during the current event celebrating ten billion visits. You can exchange the Confetti at specific shops and earn valuable stuff that way. In this guide, we are going to explain how to get Confetti and where to find the Confetti Shops / Party Shops.

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blox fruits confetti
Blox Fruits Confetti

How to Get Confetti in Blox Fruits

To get Confetti in Blox Fruits, you have to interact with NPCs that are wearing party hats. They shouldn’t be too difficult to spot since, you know, they have party hats on. Each interaction will net you a couple of Confetti. You can then exchange these at the Party Shop (aka the Confetti Shop) for various valuable prices. More on the shops in the next section. Keep in mind that you don’t actually have to talk with the NPCs at length. It’s enough to begin the conversation and leave immediately. Another thing you need to know is that you can “only” get up to a hundred Confetti per hour. You can’t hold more than a thousand at a time.

how to get confetti in blox fruits
Interact with NPCs with party hats

Where is Confetti Shop in Blox Fruits

There is one Confetti Shop, or Party Shop, location in every Sea in Blox Fruits. In the First Sea, the vendor is in the middle of Middletown, near the fountain where The Saw appears. As for the Second Sea, you’ll find the Party Shop in The Café, standing next to the wall. The Café is the big, bright-yellow building; you can’t miss it. Last, but not least, the Confetti Shop in the Third Sea is in a building close to the small bar in Castle on the Sea. You’ll recognize the vendors by their garish, bright, colorful clothing and red hair. And also by the fact that they have “Party Shop” written above their head, albeit in small, white letters. The shop refreshes periodically, so be sure to grab anything you like as soon as you can.

where is confetti shop in blox fruits
Middletown Party Shop vendor
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