Blox Fruits Event Island Location Winter Update 2023

Not sure where to find Event Island in Blox Fruits? The 2023 Winter Update has finally arrived! The game’s developer, Gamer Robot, has prepared an abundance of new content for this Winter event for the community to explore. This includes the new Portal Blox Fruit, Blizzard fruit, new special event items, and Event Island! This guide provides the Blox Fruits Event Island location so that you know where exactly to find it.

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Blox Fruits Event Island Location Christmas Update 2023

Where is Event Island in Blox Fruits Winter Update 2023

So, where to find Event Island in the new 2023 Christmas Update? Let’s not beat around the bush here; instead, let’s jump straight to the point. You will be able to find this island right next to Chocolate Island! You’ll need to start from the Middle Island in the third sea. From the castle (where you spawn), head behind, grab a boat and head toward Cake Island. As you get closer, you’ll see a group of other islands there, including Chocolate Island. Just go around these islands, and you’ll spot our Event Island at one point. This area is called the “Sea of Treats”; you can see in the image below where you need to go to find Christmas Event Island.

Now, it’s necessary to note that Event Island presents are currently only available in the third sea. To the best of our knowledge, Event Island is unavailable in the First Sea and the Second Sea. YouTuber ZionCalebTV has managed to find them in all three seas, so check out his video for the locations. However, he states that the “timer is not working in 1st and 2nd so maybe presents event only available in 3rd sea”. For now, that’s all you need to know about the island and its location. If you know more about it in the first two seas, share it with us in the comments section!

Where is Event Island in Blox Fruits Christmas Update 2023
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