Candy Canes Pet Simulator X Fast Farm

Not sure where to find Candy Canes in Pet Simulator X? The Christmas 2022 Update Part 2 is here! Developers BIG Games has prepared a lot of exciting surprises for the community to dive right into. However, players seem to have trouble finding Pet Sim X Candy Canes. And you will need those in order to complete the new Christmas Event Quest. Here’s how to get Candy Canes in Pet Simulator X.

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Candy Canes Pet Simulator X
How to Get Candy Canes in Pet Sim X Fast

Where to Find Candy Canes in Pet Simulator X

So, how to get Candy Canes in Pet Sim X Christmas 2022 Update Part 2? Christmas Event Quest #2 will require players to find many of them – 100! It says, “Break 100 Candy Canes”, so you better get to work! The thing is, they are not in the new “normal” Christmas/Winter world! Apparently, they can currently be found only in the “hardcore” mode. For now, we’re not sure if this is a bug or an intended feature, but we could not find them in the normal game mode. However, there are plenty of them in the hardcore.

Thus, boot up the game, head to the hardcore Christmas World, and look for the spawn areas in order to grab them. You will be able to find them among the usual breakable items. Such are coins, chests, safes, etc. The best strategy to get them fast is sending your pets solo and breaking as many breakables as possible. Of course, you will need to be fast and break candy canes before other players, as everyone wants to get them. Thus, if you want to farm them quickly, search for the servers without many players and find a nice spot to farm Candy Canes in Pet Sim X! With that said, that’s about all you need to know about how to farm Candy Canes fast in Pet Sim X.

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