How to Get Harpoon Blox Fruits

If you want to know how to get a Harpoon in Blox Fruits, we will explain all you need to know. The massive Update 20 for Blox Fruits was finally released, and it is one of the biggest to date. It comes with several major reworks and improvements, a dozen of new weapons, a scary new riad boss, and much more. Among many new items, probably the most elusive one is the Harpoon. Read on as we explain where to find a Harpoon in Blox Fruits Update 20.

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How to Get Harpoon Blox Fruits
How to Get a Harpoon in Blox Fruits Update 20

Where to Find Harpoon in Blox Fruits

By far, the biggest star of Blox Fruit Update 20 is the Leviathan raid boss. This massive sea behemoth poses a real challenge, but it is well worth the adventure. In order to summon him, you will need to find the Frozen Dimension sea event. However, keep in mind that this sea event has a very slim chance of appearing, and it is located in the hardest zone in the game – Sea Danger Level 6. The beast drops some essential items, like Leviathan’s scales and, more importantly – Leviathan’s Heart (or Cold Heart). However, in order to reach for the Heart, you will need a Harpoon. So, how do you get it?

In order to get a Harpoon in Blox Fruits, you will need the Beast Hunter ship. This is a brand new ship, which you can craft at the Beast Hunter NPC for 20 Leviathan Scales, 6 Electric Wings, 2 Mutant Teeth, 30 Fool’s Gold, and 6 Shark Teeth. Why do you need this ship? Because it has a Harpoon attached to it. Namely, you can use this harpoon to haul the Leviathan’s Heart, where you will get the Sanguine Art fighting style for your Leviathan’s Heart, 20 Demonic Wisps, 20 Vampire Fangs, and 2 Dark Fragments. So there you have it, that’s all you need to know!

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