Blox Fruits Frozen Dimension Location

Not sure how to spawn the Frozen Dimension location in Blox Fruits Update 20? We’ve got you covered! The long-awaited Update 20 has finally landed in one of the most popular Roblox games in the world. The patch is absolutely massive, and it hides many secrets waiting to be discovered. One of the biggest mysteries is where to find the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits UPD 20. Read on as we explain all you need to know.

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Blox Fruits Frozen Dimension Location
Update 20 Blox Fruits Frozen Dimension Location

Where to Find Frozen Dimension Location in Blox Fruits Update 20

The wait is finally over! One of the most popular Roblox experiences has brought a myriad of new features, including a new Island, a new sword, the Sanguine Art Fighting Style, the Beast Hunter ship, numerous reworks and improvements, bug fixes, and much more. However, by far the most exciting thing is the mysterious new Leviathan Raid Boss. You will need to spawn this island sea event in order to summon the Leviathan. There is a slight chance that the Frozen Dimension island will appear in the Sea Danger Level 6 Zone (the “???” Area). This is something that is out of your power, so you only need to hope that it will spawn for you. However, keep in mind that the chances are very slim.

But first, you will need to bribe the Spy NPC, located on the rooftop of the massive building on the Tiki Outpost island. He will explain the lore behind the Blox Fruits Frozen Dimension and the Leviathan. When you find the Gate, you will need to talk with the Frozen Watcher quest-giver NPC, who will explain that he has watched the gate for millennia. He will then explain to you that “You need more allies before I can open the gate”. And this is the most important part. Namely, judging by the experiences of various players, the gate to the Frozen Dimension can only be opened if you have at least five players on a single boat. That means you and four other friends or randoms. Once you open the gate and beat the Leviathan, you will be able to craft the Beast Hunter.

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