Bloxburg Christmas Update 2022

The Bloxburg Christmas update 2022 should be right around the corner, since the developers have started teasing new content a while ago. Naturally, the fans want to know when they can start playing the winter holiday content. That’s what we’ll be answering in this guide. We’ll also tell you what the incoming content will entail.

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bloxburg christmas update 2022
Bloxburg Christmas Update 2022

When is Bloxburg Christmas Update 2022 Coming Out?

At time of writing, the developers have not announced when exactly the 2022 Bloxburg Christmas update is going to come out. Pretty much the only thing we have so far is a teasing tweet from one of the developers that they posted over a week ago. If it follows the pattern of previous Christmas updates, then this one will most likely launch on Sunday, December 11th. Obviously, we’ll be sure to update the guide once we get any official info. Or when the update actually kicks off, whichever comes first. That said, I am fairly certain that you can expect to see the holiday content by the end of the week. I’m sure you’ll be very nice in correcting me in the comments.

So, speaking of the holiday content, what will you be getting in the 2022 Bloxburg Christmas update? Well, once again, the devs have kept schtum about it so far, aside from that tweet featuring the giant present in front of Mike’s Motors. However, there have been some leaks that can help you kinda form a picture of what’s to come. The leaks mention the snow map and the Snow weather setting (which are a Christmas standard in Bloxburg at this point), the Jumbo and regular Nutcracker, the Reindeer and Light-Up Reindeer, the Bare Tree, Bare Icicle Tree and Bare Illuminated Tree, the Snow Weather Setting, Presents, and more. And that’s all we know at the moment. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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  1. A

    You should make more jobs and make a school in town and a park

    1. R

      So true I hope they do!!

  2. A

    PLS put the update up im begging i love this game to daff i was crying cuz this game pls put the up date up

  3. R

    I’m soo excited for the update when ever it comes out we know u always try your best!

  4. X

    Add a school and a better town please and – when does the Christmas update end

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    please put back the christmas uodate, i MUST have time to build a winter house!!!

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