Avocado Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Though it might seem like running a Cake Shop in Cookie Run Kingdom would be all fun and games, the truth is that it often takes a lot of skill and intelligence. This is because every Cookie will have a different idea on how they want their cake to look (and taste) like. And while some Cookies are very straightforward in their demands, some are complicated – for a variety of reasons. For example, Avocado Cookie. If you are struggling with getting 5 stars for this cake, we are going to show you how to successfully make the Avocado Cookie Cake in Cookie Run Kingdom so that Avocado will love it.

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Avocado Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Avocado Cookie Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

The biggest problem with this order is that Avocado Cookie isn’t making a lot of sense when ordering her cake. While not as hard to figure out as Candy Diver Cookie Cake or the Poison Mushroom Cookie Cake, it can still be difficult to understand exactly what she wants. She will start with “Orange these oranges looking nice and juicy…!” Now, the trick here is not to ask her for additional info (the orange dialogue option). This is because Cookies will get irritated if you ask too many questions and you won’t be able to get 5 stars – even if you did everything else correctly. So always choose the green option and agree to everything they ask of you.

So, to start with, choose the Zesty Lemon Cream Cake. Next, make it a 4 tier (layer) one. Skip the frosting. Finally, when it comes to Toppings, choose orange slices. Put a generous amount of these on top. We placed eight of them, just for good measure. If you have done everything correctly, Avocado Cookie will be delighted with her cake and award you five stars.

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