Bloxburg 6th Elf Location, Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2023

Bloxburg Christmas Update 2023 is finally here with new vehicles, Christmas food, snowy trees, new Christmas themed decorations, gift wrapping and Bloxburg Elf Hunt! Bloxburg is now covered in snow and that means Bloxburg Christmas Elf hunt 2023 is back again! The event is the same, you should help Santa finding his lost Elf. This is the most anticipating event of the entire year, thus, if you don’t know where is the sixth Elf in Bloxburg 2023, we have you covered.

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Bloxburg Elf Location, Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2023
Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2023, Elf location today

Bloxburg First Elf Location – Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2023

The latest Bloxburg Christmas Update is finally live. New event Elf hunt will last during the whole December, until Christmas Eve. In order to participate you should collect some desert and give it to the lost elf.

You can find out more about this event once you reach the town center, and look for the City Hall. You’ll see an old elf Harold, sitting in front of Advent Calendar. Talk to him and he’ll tell you to look for his friends. The only information you can get is that he is also hungry. Thus, give him a regular cookie and the Elf Hunt 2023 will start.

If you did the last year Elf hunt you know that the elves are well hidden and this year they even have new locations! So, let’s start and unveil where the first elf is hidden. This little fellow is not far away from the City Hall. Just behind Advent Calendar House you will spot several trees. The elf is hidden in a treetop. Don’t forget to bring a Holiday Cookie for him.

Bloxburg Second Elf Location

Today’s elf is found at the firepit in the campsite. If you don’t know where the camp is, just drive your car toward the tunnel, but turn right before entering the tunnel. Go up the hill, then turn right again. Once you drive by the road sign, turn left and drive until you reach the end of the road. You will find a small car parking. You’ll see a campfire in front of you.

Bloxburg Third Elf Location

The third elf is at the Ferris Wheel. In the center of the wheel you’ll find the elf! If you give him the wrong cookie he’ll turn you into baby, and he’ll become red. Just give him the chocolate chip cookie.

Bloxburg Fourth Elf Location

For the fourth elf you need a holiday cookie – a yellow cookie with a green Christmas tree. Head towards the Camp site where the elf no. 2 was hidden. This time the elf is hidden behind the camp on the tree, near the cliff.

Bloxburg 5th Elf Location

For the fifth elf you’ll need glass of water. The elf is at the beach. Once you reach the Ferris wheel, turn left and head down the beach until you reach the cliff. The elf is sitting on the beach.

Bloxburg 6th Elf Location

The sixth elf wants festive fudge. Go to the parking garage near Pizza Planet and Mike’s Motors. It’s a huge grey building. The elf is hidden at the second floor at the opposite side of the garage.

Bloxburg 7th Elf Location

Every day the elf spawns randomly between 3PM – 3:30PM EST / 10PM – 10:30PM CET. We’ll share with you Elf’s location as soon as he appears.

We have to remind you that the elf doesn’t spawn as soon as the update comes out. He’ll spawn at a certain time everyday at a random place. Our prediction is that the first Elf will be added tonight, and we’ll try to share with you his location as soon as we spot him.

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