Bloxburg 12th Elf Location, Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2022

Bloxburg Christmas Update 2022 is finally here with new vehicles, Christmas food, snowy trees, new Christmas themed decorations, gift wrapping and Bloxburg Elf Hunt! Bloxburg is now covered in snow and that means Bloxburg Christmas Elf hunt 2022 is back again! The event is the same, you should help Santa finding his lost Elf. This is the most anticipating event of the entire year, thus, if you don’t know where is the twelfth Elf in Bloxburg 2022, we have you covered.

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Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2022, Elf locations
Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2022, twelfth Elf location

Twelfth Elf Bloxburg Location

The twelfth Elf in Bloxburg will show up at 5PM EST / 11PM CET. If you give him a cookie during the first 3 hours from the spawn time you’ll get 2,500 money, after that the amount is much smaller.

Eleventh Elf Bloxburg Location

In the city, look for the BFF Supermarket. Once inside, turn left, and go all the way to the back of the store, where you’ll find a little room full of boxes. The Elf is hidden in the right corner, behind the boxes.

Tenth Elf Bloxburg Location

Head to the pier wheel and jump into the ocean. Just swim straight and point your camera under the water. The elf is far away from the pier.

Ninth Elf Bloxburg Location

The elf is under the water this time, and he’ll take normal chocolate chip cookie. Once you cross the bridge, turn left and drive along the river. On the screenshots below you can see the exact location where you’ll find the elf under the water.

Eighth Elf Bloxburg Location

From the Pizza Planet go down the road. On the first fork turn right. The elf is in the second corner of the edge.

Seventh Elf Bloxburg Location

It’s on top of the tunnel on the riverside side. You have to go to the lumberjack, then on the first level and follow the path all the way to the tunnel. Then jump on the top of the tunnel.

Sixth Elf Bloxburg Location

He is on the Mike’s Motors roof, near the parking garage. You can reach him only if you go to the garage’s rooftop and then jump onto Mike’s Motors roof.

Fifth Elf Bloxburg Location

He is hidden inside the highway tunnel near the gas station. It’s very dark, but the moment you enter the tunnel he’s on the left side. You have to go inside the tunnel.

Fourth Elf Bloxburg Location

The elf is hidden inside the Bloxy Burgers. Once you enter the building, turn right and you’ll see him in the corner under the desk.

Third Elf Bloxburg Location – Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2022

The Elf is near the campfire. If you don’t know where the camp is, just drive your car toward the tunnel, but turn right before entering the tunnel. Go up the hill, then turn right again. Once you drive by the road sign, turn left and drive until you reach the end of the road. You will find a small car parking. You’ll see a campfire in front of you.

Second Elf Bloxburg Location – Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2022

Just like yesterday, drive over the river towards the tunnel. Once you reach the Observatory, go behind the tower. You’ll see a small terrace with several benches. Go toward the trees, and you’ll see the Elf in the corner next to the cliff.

First Elf Location – Where is the Bloxburg Elf location in Bloxburg Christmas Update 2022

UPDATE: Bloxburg First Elf Location December 9th, 2022 is at the entrance of the tunnel near observatory. Don’t forget to take Christmas cookie! Get in the car and drive over the river toward the observatory. The elf is hidden in the corner next to the tunnel entrance. Once you give him the cookie you’ll get 2500 money.

The latest Bloxburg Christmas Update is finally live. New event Elf hunt will last during the whole December, until Christmas Eve. In order to participate you should collect some desert and give it to the lost elf. Every day the elf spawns randomly between 5PM – 9PM EST.

You can find out more about this event once you reach the town center, and look for Stylez hair studio. You’ll see a poster with the missing Santa’s Elf right next to the ATM – the Bank of Robloxia. The only information you can find on the poster is that the Elf was last seen looking for cookies. That’s not a great hint, you have to admit. But, if you did the last year Elf hunt we think that the first Elf will be near observatory, or at the entrance of the tunnel..

We have to remind you that the elf doesn’t spawn as soon as the update comes out, He’ll spawn at a certain time everyday in a random place. Our prediction is that the first Elf will be added tonight, and we’ll try to share with you his location as soon as we spot him. At the time of writing, we still haven’t find any Elf in the game. If you come across the Elf, please leave a comment below and help us find him.

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  1. A

    I found him he is where you said he was and I did get money from it I was thinking I could go and give him multiple cookies but it didn’t work but thanks for telling me that

  2. A

    I found him he is nearthe corner of the observatory behind it is a mountain and it is in the corner I hgave been aty this all day and I am so happy

  3. L


    – I looked there and it wasn’t there (for those who want to know it at the campsite behind the orange tent behind a tree.)

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Hi Lilya, but that is exactly where our screenshots are showing that you can find the Elf.

    2. D

      It not behind the tent. It’s behind the very back tree near the back wall.

      1. R

        I think that’s what she meant

  4. B
    Brynn Cassels

    I gave the elf 3 cookies already, he didn’t give me money nor did he take the cookies

    1. M

      It needs chocolate chip cookies 😀

    2. M

      It takes chocolate chip cookies

  5. M

    5th elf is at the tunnel on the highway near the gas station!!

  6. M

    when i tried to give the 4th one its cookie, it wouldn’t take it and it was my first try too.

  7. A

    the fifth elf takes a holiday cookie 🙂

  8. A

    for anyone wondering, “3 hours” is 3 hours from when you join the game. if you spend more than 3 hours in-game, the amount will be much lower.

  9. N
    No one

    I don’t see the elf for the fifth one I am where it is telling me to go

    1. A

      the highway tunnel? by the gas station? wander around a bit, look for the interaction thingything.

  10. M

    8th elf hasnt taken holiday cookie nor chocolate chip cookie

    1. B

      use a gingerbread cookie

    2. S

      Same problem with me,

    3. S

      It’s a gingerbread cookie

  11. B

    it takes a gingerbread cookie

  12. S

    I cant give the 8th elf any type of cookie, what do I give it?

  13. ?

    For the tenth elf you feed it a christmas cookie. Too find the elf you must go to the ferris wheel and then jump off and swim straight ish until you hear the noise.

  14. I

    I haven’t gotten on in a couple days but last time I went on the elf’s weren’t showing up for me like I went in my private and a public server and it wasn’t there I will try again later tho

  15. F

    Where is the 12th elf? “if you don’t know where is the twelfth Elf in Bloxburg 2022, we have you covered.”???? You dont tell us!

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