Blue Archive Tier List 2023

Blue Archive is a gacha mobile game with beautiful anime designs. In it, you take on the role of the advisor to the Federal Investigation Club. This means that it is your job to resolve the various problems that can plague the city, aided by a diverse cast of characters. And, as is the case with games of this type, not all characters are equally good. But since there are several dozen of them, it can be very hard to choose the right ones. Which is why we have compiled this Blue Archive Tier List 2023, in which we are going to rank all of the characters in the game according to how powerful they are.

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Blue Archive Tier List 2023
Blue Archive Tier List 2023

Blue Archive Tier List of Best Characters

The characters in Blue Archive can be one of two types – Strikers or Specialists. When we rank all of them, we are going to do it by type and tier. The highest and most powerful tier is S, while the lowest and least powerful tier is D. Lastly, please note that this is a very subjective ranking that only takes power levels into account. If you like – or dislike – a certain character more than us and feel they should be ranked higher or lower, feel free to tell us why that is in the comments. And with that said, let’s finally get into the tier list itself:

  • S Tier – Striker: Koharu, Shun, Pina, Hina, Tsubaki, Cherino, Izuna, Akane, Hoshino, Azusa, Haruna, Iori, and Serika. Specialist: Mashino, Hibiki, Serina, Fuuka, Saya, and Karin.
  • A Tier – Striker: Arisu, Chise, Maki, Hifumi, Mustuki, Aru, Tsurugi, Hasumi, Asuna, Neru, Akari, Momoi, Nonomi, Yuuka, Fina, Sumire, Midori, Shiroko, and Yuzu. Specialist: Kotama, Ayane, Hanae, Chinatsu, Hanako, and Fuuka.
  • B Tier – Striker: Ui, Marina, Eimi, Haruka, and Kotori. Specialist: Utaha.
  • C Tier – Striker: Suzumi, Tomoe, Izumi, and Kayoko. Specialist: Nodoka and Hare.
  • D Tier – Striker: Kirino. Specialist: Shimiko, Airi, Yoshimi, Shizuko, and Juri.
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