Boutique Opening Quest - Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom has released its Halloween event and the Boutique Opening is the first quest. Once completed, you will have access to a host of new outfits. They include brand new costumes and sets. There is also a unique Pumpkin Pie Cookie and Treasure! Read on as we discuss the opening quest in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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Boutique Opening Quest - Cookie Run Kingdom
Boutique Opening Quest – Cookie Run Kingdom

In the main menu, costumes will have a padlock over them and a greyed-out icon. To get the skins, you need to clear stages 2 to 13 and complete the Boutique Opening quest. On the right-hand sidebar, you will have an icon that shows a parcel with wings. It will have an exclamation mark over it. This will let you start the task.

After you click on this icon, a short cutscene will play telling you about a new, fashionable Cookie Kingdom. Carry on with the quest and it will then tell you to deliver Sweet Jelly Jam five times. The sweet jelly jam needs crafting at the Jammery.

If you don’t have the required ingredients, then you may have to spend some crystals getting the materials you need. Click back on the quest and send the jam you have made. You will then have an option to claim the rewards.

How to Complete Boutique Opening Quest in Cookie Run Kingdom

This takes you to another cut scene, which is about the opening of the Maison Marron Boutique. Once this is complete, a dialogue box will tell you to click on the Gaucha icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on it, and you will now see that the costume icon on the main menu is no longer grey or padlocked.

The first costume will be Gingerbrave and you will get Gentlebrave’s Tuxedo. You will now have unlocked the outfits and completed the Boutique Opening Quest. For a visual guide, check out the video above by HyRoolLegend.

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