Guardians of the Galaxy Lottery Ticket

Guardians of the Galaxy gives you a host of options when playing as Marvel’s misfit team and buying a lottery ticket is one of many choices. With big prizes on offer, it seems like a good deal. However, even if you do win you may not be able to claim the prize. So, is buying one worth it? Read on as we discuss buying a lottery ticket in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Lottery Ticket
Guardians of the Galaxy Lottery Ticket

Should You Buy a Lottery Ticket Guardians of the Galaxy?

Galactic Units operate as an in-game currency, and you can use them for a lot of things in the game. One option is to buy a lottery ticket. You can do this by running up to the circular portals that contain the blurred, digital face.

These tickets are 1000 credits each, so not cheap by any means. You can also only buy one per person at any time. If you come back, the computer will deny your request to buy. The lottery has a top prize of five million credits, which would be fantastic if you won. Or so it seems.

The problem is when you return to cash it in, the ticket machine is nowhere to be found. This means unless the machine will appear in a later update or it is a bug that needs fixing, you have lost 1000 credits. Essentially, you should avoid buying lottery tickets for the time being in the game. 

Guardians of the Galaxy is available on all major consoles, including next and current-generation PlayStation and Xbox, Windows PC, and even a cloud version for Switch. You take the part of Star-Lord, commanding favorites like Drax and Rocket into battle. You can check back here for any updates and guides on the game.

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