Bravely Default 2 Boat Exploration Not Working Solution

Boat exploration not working in Bravely Default 2 is an issue that a number of players have been encountering. The system is supposed to help you grind Orbs while away from the console. However, the system is a little difficult to parse out, and I absolutely see how it might cause some confusion. Fortunately, our Bravely Default 2 Boat Exploration Not Working Solution guide will show you what to do.

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bravely default 2 boat exploration not working solution
Bravely Default 2 Boat Exploration Not Working Solution

How to Solve Boat Exploration Not Working in Bravely Default 2

To solve the Bravely Default 2 boat exploration not working problem, you need to set things up properly. First off, this option becomes available to you after you’ve completed Quest 001. So, that’s fairly easy to take care of. However, that’s the easy part. To turn on the Exploration mode, make sure that the game is running. As in, you see it on the screen. Then, hold down the Home button on the right Joy Con, and select Sleep Mode. Mind you, this will not work if you exit into the Switch’s home screen before going into Sleep Mode; it has to be from the game.

To make sure that everything is working properly, wait a few minutes and take the Switch out of sleep. Check the Exploration timer, and you should see that it has moved. Now, simply put your Switch back to sleep as we’ve explained above and go about your day. That’s the solution to the Bravely Default 2 boat exploration not working issue. This system allows you to acquire JP Orbs and EXP Orbs without having to actually grind.

There is just one major limitation here – you have to check in once every twelve hours to reset the timer and clear out everything you’ve acquired. This basically keeps you coming back to the game at least one a day. Moreover, you can’t mess with the Switch’s internal clock to cheat the system. The game accounts for this, and will, in fact, chide you for being a cheater.

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  1. L

    What do you do when the timer reaches 12 hours and it won’t allow you to stop exploring?

    1. J

      I had this problem. I saved then used the (-)button to “return to title screen” and loaded my save. All of the exploration notifications poured in and I could then collect the loot.

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