How to End River Raid AC Valhalla

How to end river raids in AC Valhalla has been a problem that some players have been having trouble with. They simply can’t figure out how to exit the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla river raids and return to Raventhorpe. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to leave Ac Valhalla river raids; however, I can see why some people might get stuck, especially if they aren’t paying attention. If you’re one such person, then our How to End River Raid AC Valhalla guide is the right place for you.

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how to end river raid ac valhalla
How to End River Raid AC Valhalla

How to End River Raid in AC Valhalla – How to Exit River Raid & Return to Ravensthorpe

To end the river raid in AC Valhalla and return to Ravensthorpe, the first step is to enter the Raid Status menu. You know, the one where you see all your warriors, the amount of loot you can get, etc. You access this menu by pressing the Down arrow on your d-pad on PlayStation, and presumably on Xbox, too; I’m not sure what the button is on PC. Let us know in the comments. Once in the radial menu, select the icon in the upper left, aka the one that looks like a house.

To exit the AC Valhalla river raid, when you highlight the house icon, it’ll say Return to Settlement, so the game really lets you know everything you need. So, click on the icon, and another menu will pop up, asking you to confirm whether you want to exit. Select Yes. The game will then show you a summary of your progress, so just hit Close. That will end the AC Valhalla river raid and return you to Ravensthorpe.

ac valhalla how to exit river raid
Use the Return to Settlement option

So, that’s how you leave and end a river raid in AC Valhalla. If you have any other questions about the raids, we’ve got a number of other guides on the subject. For example, we’ve written River Raid New Abilities – Shoulder Bash, Battlecry, Berserker Trap, and Saint George Armor, and more. I think you might find them helpful.

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