Brawlhalla Legends From Thera Weekly Mission

Win matches with Legends from Thera is a weekly mission in Brawlhalla. In order to complete it, you’ll have to win three matches as one of the heroes that fall into this category. If you’re not into reading the lore in the game, you probably don’t know which ones can be used to complete it. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. This guide will show you which heroes to use in the Brawlhalla legends from Thera weekly challenge, so you can complete it as quickly as possible.

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brawlhalla legends from thera weekly mission
Brawlhalla Legends From Thera Weekly Mission

Win matches with Legends from Thera

The characters you can use to complete this challenge include:

  • Jhala
  • Sidra
  • Xull

Some people have mentioned Teros and Azoth as potential candidates as well, but we had no luck with them. Just pick one of the three listed above and you’ll have no issues.

Jhala is a good choice for skilled players – she has high damage, but low defence. As for her involvement on Thera – she used to lead the armies of the entire land against the Zombie Lord Ehzot. Got a fancy title from Apollo for it, as well. So she’s a famous commander – that clasifies her as a legend alright.

Sidra might be a better choice if you’re new to the game – she has higher defence, allowing you to survive attacks more easily. Also, she’s a pirate queen. Can’t really beat that. After getting to Valhalla, she promptly stole a ship and resumed her pirating duties in the other world as well. It’s literally one of the reasons why Odin created the tournament in the first place.

Xull is interesting because he has the highest attack of all the legends, but lacks in pretty much every other category. He might be the best choice for highly skilled players, as well as those who like to rush in blindly and hope for the best.



  1. J
    Joshua McDonald

    I used Azoth and it worked. What Mode did you use Teros and Xull on?

  2. B

    Azoth does work. It’s like he’s from almost everywhere. I didn’t actually know he was from Thera until I saw Zombie Lord Ehzot(because he is Azoth)

  3. K

    Mako also counts

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