COD Dev Error 6034 Fix

COD dev error 6034 is a bug that’s bothering a number of Call od Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare players. There’s no official word from Activision about it, which means there’s also no proper fix that’s guaranteed to work. However, there are a few things you can try – easy workarounds that might let you enjoy the game until a patch deals with the underlying problem. This guide will list all the things you can do to try to fix COD dev error 6034.

cod dev error 6034 fix
COD Dev Error 6034 Fix

How to fix COD dev error 6034?

If you’re playing on Xbox, the only solution we’ve heard of includes deleting certain add-ons. Go to your games and apps, then select COD and press the menu button. Pick Manage Game and Add-ons, and you’ll see a list. In the list, look for packs called Multiplayer Pack 2 (9.1 GB) and Multiplayer Pack 3 (3.4 GB). Delete them, then restart the console. If this doesn’t help, you can also try deleting the compatibility packs, as well as Special Ops Pack 1, Campaign Pack 1 and Campaign Pack 2.

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Another solution that might work for console players is to go to the settings, select network, then advanced settings. Once there, choose Alternate MAC address, then clear. The console will reboot, and the game should work afterwards. (Thanks to pinto private for the tip)

If you’re on PC, reinstalling the game usually solves it. However, since it’s so big and chunky, you probably don’t want to do it. Thankfully, there’s a way around this as well. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Open the folder where the game is installed
  2. Find the following files and delete them: .patch.result, .product, vivoxsdk_x64.dll, Launcher.db, Modern Warfare Launcher.exe
  3. Run and select the game from the list on the left
  4. Click the options button under the title, then choose scan and repair
  5. Wait for it to complete, then run the game

This will check the game for any missing files. When it figures which ones you’ve deleted, it’ll redownload only them, but this time, they’ll be the working versions. It’s much better than having to download the entire bajilion gigabytes all over again.

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  1. P

    I’ve tried deleting the packs, the only multi-player packs 2 and 3 I find are over 22gigs and after I delete them I can’t play multi-player until I re-install the packs and it will work for a few rounds and back to dev error 6034.

    1. P

      I have tried everything to fix the Dev6034 error, deleting packs, deleting everything and wiping my XBOX1 and reloading Modern Warfare, this fixed the problem for two games and then back to the Dev6034 error. This is a Joke, I’m now wondering if this is yet another ploy to get people to replace their XBOX1’s.

      I was going to buy Cold War but I’m not wasting my hard earned until this is fixed, it was all running fine until the recent update.

      As usual now word from the developers!!!!!!!!!

      1. A
        Artemis Pickett

        Doesn’t bother cold war at all just modern warfare

        1. Y
          Yes it does, I have the same problem with both on xbox


      2. S
        Simon Rise

        It effects ground war on all maps without one on my series x

      3. T
        Tertius Dykes

        Mmmm same thing on series x. Just another broken game that’s happy when you buy the game and don’t fix their grap after you invested your money in it.

      4. K

        Just to let you know, it’s definitely not just an issue with the Xbox Ones. I’ve got a series X for all the good that does me. Still can’t play the game because of this issue

        1. J

          I deleted those two packs and the whole game Uninstaller. DON’T do what this guy tells you to do!

      5. M

        It does the same thing with the New Xbox

      6. A

        No sir. It’s happening on the next gen x box too. That’s why I’m here lol.

      7. A
        Austin Lynn

        I have a next generation Xbox and also get the error

      8. M
        Michael smith

        Nope it’s doing it on the series x too my friend 🤦🏻‍♂️

      9. C

        I have fixed this in xb1.
        If you’re starting from scratch (nothing but the core game) install the following:
        Multiplayer pack (at the top-22gb). In the Xbox add insult screen, it’s actually called “multiplayer pack 2” but not in the game itself, so it’s confusing.
        And another also titled “Multiplayer Pack” that is 6gb. Then the multiplayer compatibility pack. No more dev errors for me.
        Some report that the file name of the new pack changes to MP2 if you already had the old Multiplayer Oack 2 installed.

        If you still have Campaign and Survival installed, it does not cause a problem. Just either start from scratch or delete every multiplayer pack before you begin this. (Including data packs 1 and 2)

      10. G
        Gary C

        I literally have the new Xbox and happening to me

      11. F

        It’s not a ploy… I’m on series X and having the same issue. Also completely uninstalled the game and reloaded , no joy

    2. B

      I had the same problem frustrating

    3. S

      Same here.
      I deleted the whole game.
      Few rounds played after reinstall the same shit happens again.

      1. S

        (on series x)

    4. O
      Orlando Brown

      Turn off the xbox restart, and dont backout of any games. Should work fine.

    5. H

      Was getting the problem on my first gen xbox one. my birthday just passed (yesterday) and i got the new series x. about 5 games in i get the Dev error. I know it’s not the xbox cause i have the best xbox out. game needs patching

    6. C
      Christian Anderson

      This means you delete the wrong packs. You specifically need to delete Multiplayer Pack 2 (9.1 GB) and Multiplayer Pack 3 (3.4 GB). Make sure to check if they are the right GB before you delete the packs because they are 2 multiplayer 2 and 3 packs.

    7. K

      I have a Xbox s I had the same problem dev 6034 I deleted the two files as the gentleman said and restarted this solved the problem for me funny it only happened when I pick a game from the quick menu a game like shoot house all the time was ok no kick out

    8. A

      Don’t delete multiplayer pack 2 delete the mp2 mack and multiplayer pack 3 it should work then that’s what I did

  2. B

    This worked! Thanks so much!

  3. J

    This error I think is cause by certain maps. I noticed every time my game loads in a game with certain maps it crashes and kick me off the game hence the Dev error 6034.

    1. M

      I think they did this to mw, so people will go buy bocw. Because this problem isn’t on Cold War at all. Activison know this is a problem and won’t fix it

      1. M

        I hope noy cold war is shit the game is extrealy buggy and the story mode sucks, the mulitlplayer is birring and feels like it was ment for kids

    2. D

      I think it’s certain maps too -then again at first I thought it was only happening to ME because a few days before I changed my gamer tag to ‘COD is Trash AF’. (I try to like it but I compare it to BF and it’s really not fair to COD). I also think it’s a ploy to get us to buy other BOCW. All updates since BOCW came out made gameplay laggy and flat out trash. It was trash before but now super trash. I rage-deleted the whole game a few times and at least once since dev error. Guess I’m never playing Atlas Supermarket again

    3. Z

      It is certain maps from what I can tell. Vacant picidilly. Hard hat. And seems like one more from what I can remember but there maybe a couple more.

  4. L

    This is ridiculous I could understand a bit if it was a new map pack but the damn old maps won’t load. Activist on support,,,another joke. Nothing works. Tried every step deleting map packs etc even reinstalled the whole game. Fun.

  5. M

    Having same issue. Deleted relevant folders on Xbox and it worked for 4 games and now it’s back! Why isn’t activision sorting this! 🤬

  6. J
    Jimmie FOGEL

    Remove map pack 1 and 2

    1. J
      Jimmie FOGEL

      Meant map pack 2 and 3

      1. C
        Caroline D Klyn

        Removed everything and reinstalled everything 🙂 doesn’t work

        1. M
          Matt m

          Yeah I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled like 5 times. Just wasting my time at this point. It really sucks, one of the only games I enjoy.

  7. M

    The last 22GB Multiplayer Pack was supposed to replace some of the other data previously downloaded, and having both installed is leading to Warzone dev error 6034 on Xbox.
    Uninstall all the older multiplayer data packs, except the first multiplayer pack (6.0 GB). Also, delete the Warzone Data Pack 1 and Data Pack 2.
    Now install the new multiplayer pack (22GB) and the new Spec Ops and Multiplayer combat pack.
    This will allow you to access Multiplayer without any error.

    1. K

      Do I delete MP2 pack 9.1GB and Multi-player pack 3 3.4GB? This is ridiculously confusing for me lol

    2. W

      No dude that doesn’t work. Won’t allow multiplayer to operate without the old multiplayer packs I tried deleting 2 and 3 and I had t re install

      1. M
        Mike sagle

        it worked for me ever other game i would get that error

      2. M

        Agree. Tried that too, didn’t work for me. Wasted an entire day reinstalling. But clearing your MAC address DOES work. Can’t believe it turned out to be so simple – easy 2 min fix for Xbox!!!
        “select settings, network, advanced settings, alternate mac address and then clear. The console reboots and then it works fine.”

        1. W
          William Marston

          Trying this right now. It’s hella better than wasting time uninstalling and reinstalling.

        2. F

          Did not work 🙁

    3. W
      Will Smith

      So far…it seems to work right. Thanks

    4. T

      Mario…your instructions r the only 1s that worked bud..Thanks!

    5. N
      Nicholas Davies

      Can you please be specific as to which packs to uninstall

    6. T

      What are the warzone packs 1 and 2? Do u mean compatibility data packs 1 (18 Gb) and 2 (8 Gb)?

    7. D

      Delete all multi-player packs except the 6.0 multiplayer pack?

    8. N

      that worked thanks so much Activision is garbage can’t wait for BF6 !!!

    9. J

      Mario’s solution worked for me!

  8. P

    This helped for the Xbox. Thank you.

  9. S

    So which one should I have. I’ve deleted everything and now starting to reinstall back.

    1. S

      if I’m just playing multiplayer

  10. M

    FIX for Dev Error 6034 (no uninstall/reinstall needed):
    “you need to clear your mac address. Select settings, network, advanced settings, alternate mac address and then clear. The console reboots and then it works fine. “

    Found this in a reply to a similar issue a year ago and it works just as well for this!!!

    Original post by xFlashbunnyx

    1. J

      Doesn’t work!
      Cleared mine and the Xbox restarted. Played one MP match with no problems, tried to play another and it dev error 6034ed again. 😫

    2. N

      I tried this and it worked. Who knows it was as simple as changing Mac Address.

  11. N
    Nicholas Davies

    I have a series X and having the same problem. It started with shoot house not loading so I deleted the multiplayer packs and it told me it had missing data packs. I reinstalled and shoot house started loading but kandhor wouldn’t. It’s a joke.

  12. C
    Chris stevens

    I deleted mp packs 2 and 3 just like this says and mines working.

  13. H

    this is dumb I’m switching to fortnite

  14. D

    Uninstalled and re-downloaded after the DevError problem, and now when I got to play multiplayer it says I’m missing Multiplayer Pack 2, when I click on it to download it, it takes me to the store but it already says i “Own this Game”. When I click on it, it does nothing. Please help.

  15. E

    For Xbox You gotta find the MP2 pack 9.1 gb There’s two multiplayer 2 packs one is abbreviated and is 9.1 gb as he stated.

  16. J

    No , Done everything. Deleted and installed the game four times as well. Just gets worse and worse for Every day, in 6 days Ive managed to play for 45min

  17. C

    bro none of this makes sense

    1. C

      there is 3 multiplayer packs you have installed within modern warfare as well as other packs if wanted. you must uninstall both multiplayer packs 2 and 3. then you must restart your console and install both multiplayer packs 2 and 3 once more.

  18. T

    I just restarted console and it worked. XBOX ONE

  19. B

    So there is no point in deleting anything because all of what we have tried has failed? I’m glad I’m not the only one that this happened to I was beginning to think it was just my game and or was I hacked. 😀

  20. M

    Nothing works iv deleted everything and reinstalled it and it still does it losing money all round as i payed for battle pass and can’t play to level up

  21. B

    Works 100% cheers

  22. S

    I have deleted and reinstalled the game twice now and I’ve tried deleting the two packs as well it won’t long me run multiplayer without those two packs. So now I’m re-downloading them going to try clearing my Mac like the guy above said would work. It started for me with only one map and every time I try and fix it turns out to make the issue worse. I can literally play a total of like 3 maps now.

  23. S

    Clearing the MAC did NOT work either this is senseless.

  24. E

    If you came this far, go back to the top, the answer is in one of the first comments, I deleted Mp2 and multiplayer pack 3 and it seems to be working fine, the smallest pakcks

  25. J

    I stupidly unninstalled the wrong thing.. i uninstalled multiplayer pack (6gb) and now its telling me to buy multiplayer again.. is there a different way around this? (I have the disk version)

  26. B

    Hello. I tried first the reset Mac address option, uninstall game fully once on Xbox One S and I deleted the following packs(textures all of them/high resolution/multi-player packs 2 and 3. So far I have been able to play certain matches except Picadilly, Hardhat or Vengant. I probably spelled them wrong. I will let you know if the others work. Thanks for all the other solutions you all have came up with!

  27. F
    Frank Bonner

    Dev error 6034 has stopped gameplay for COD players who have invested a load of money into XBOX ACTIVISION WHO HAVE PROFITED GREATLY.


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