Brown Dust 2 Tier List

Brown Dust 2 (also written as Brown Dust2 by the creators of the title) is a new mobile gacha title. Taking place on the continent of Svern, it sees you defend this land from the dangers of looming dark magic. To accomplish this, you are going to need to enlist the aid of a large cast of characters. Of course, this being a gacha game, these characters vary in how powerful and useful they are. To help you figure out which ones you should aim to get, we are going to rank all of the characters in the game in our Brown Dust 2 Tier List.

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Brown Dust 2 Tier List
Brown Dust 2 Tier List

Brown Dust 2 Tier List of Best Characters

As you can see, there are many characters in Brown Dust2. And, as the game has only recently been globally launched, more are likely to come at a later date. This also means that we can expect to see the already-existing characters buffed or nerfed according to future player feedback. So, you need to be aware that all of these rankings are based on the current state of the game. Also, note that these are just our personal character preferences, and the only thing that we take into account is overall power level. If you think that a particular character should be placed higher or lower, feel free to tell us why that is down in the comments. And now, let’s see the Brown Dust 2 Tier List itself, starting with S tier, and going all the way down to D Tier:

  • S Tier: Alec, Arines, Samay, Justia, and Andrew.
  • A Tier: Olstein, Lecliss, Kry, Gray, and Sylvia.
  • B Tier: Anastasia, Emma, Rubia, Jayden, Eclipse, Wiggle, Rou, Helena, Liatris, Layla, Lucrezia, Elise, Beatrice, Celia, and Rafina.
  • C Tier: Bernie, Carlson, Lisianne, Ingrid, Teresse, Rigenette, Scheherazade, Maria, and Seir.
  • D Tier: Julie, Lydia, Eleaneer, Lathel, and Synthia.
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