Final Fantasy 16 Lock On Not Working, Can't Lock On Enemies

If you think that lock on is not working in FF16, you are definitely not the only one. Final Fantasy XVI has just been released on the PS5, and it is already a critical success. However, given all the new gameplay changes, some older players are yet to be accustomed to the new, action-packed combat. If you can’t lock on enemies in Final Fantasy 16, here’s what we know about it.

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Final Fantasy 16 Lock On Not Working, Can't Lock On Enemies
Final Fantasy XVI Can’t Lock On Enemies

Final Fantasy 16 Can’t Lock On Enemies, Lock On Not Working

Compared to the classic FF games, one of the main new gameplay components of Final Fantasy 16 is the transition to full-action combat. Action is now not just one of the aspects of battles. Rather, it is the main thing. While this is executed well, and combat feels satisfactory, some players will undoubtedly need time to get used to the new gameplay. Like most free-camera action games on consoles, there is a lock-on feature in FF16 to make things a tad bit easier. When several enemies overcome you, you can target a specific enemy and press L1 to lock onto them. This will fixate your camera on that enemy, allowing you to focus your combat spells on them without the need to chase them constantly with the camera. However, some players report that the feature is not working properly.

“Is anyone else having the issue where they can’t lock onto anything?” asks Reddit user xl-ZODIAC-lx. “Really annoying fighting in this game with a free camera.” Based on our own experience with the game, the FF16 lock on can act a bit buggy. This is due to combat often being overly chaotic, with a lot of things going on around you. When the enemies are frenetically jumping around you, and spells are flying everywhere, the camera can sometimes lose focus. Hopefully, this will be addressed in some of the upcoming patches.

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