Bumblebee Phone Number - 12 Minutes

Bumblebee’s phone number in 12 Minutes is one of many obtuse puzzles that you’ll have to solve on your way to unraveling the game’s murder mystery. It is one of the more difficult “riddles,” as there are several steps you need to complete. For one, you need to figure out who Bumblebee is in the first place. Once you have that, there’s still the matter of finding out their phone number, which is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you how to get Bumblebee’s phone number.

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bumblebee phone number 12 minutes
Bumblebee Phone Number – 12 Minutes

How to Get Bumblebee’s Phone Number in 12 Minutes

To get Bumblebee’s phone number in 12 Minutes, you first need to know who that even is. Well, it’s the daughter of the police officer that keeps trying to pin the blame for the murder central to the plot on your wife. He keeps doing this, even after you show him incontrovertible evidence that your wife is innocent. However, the cop mentions that he “only trusts his wife and daughter, and his wife is dead.” Story-wise, the sentence is nonsense, but that’s game logic for you.

So, how do you get Bumblebee’s number? Well, when you start a new cycle, put sleeping pills into a cup of water and give them to your wife. Make sure she drinks it while eating dessert at the table. Otherwise, she might fall asleep in the living room, which will mess everything up. Once your wife drinks the drugged water at the table, she’ll go into the bedroom and fall asleep there. What you need to do to get Bumblebee’s phone number in 12 Minutes at that point is go into the closet and stay there. After a couple of moments, the game will fast-forward to the cop arriving.

He will enter the bedroom and flick the light switch, which knocks him out as usual. Pick his pockets to get his phone and make sure to handcuff him. Bring up his phone from your inventory. Click on text messages on the top left and open any message from Bumblebee. Next, click on her phone number, and then the Call icon. You will now know Bumblebee’s number in future loops, giving you the option to call her from your wife’s phone, which is also in the closet.

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