What is the Nanny's Name - 12 Minutes

The question what is the nanny’s name in 12 Minutes is a puzzle that you’ll have to solve in order to progress through the story. It comes much later in the game, and involves a series of convoluted steps. In fact, you can actually pull it off in two ways. To make things easier for you, we’ll demonstrate how to find out the nanny’s name in this guide. We’ll keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum, but still, SPOILER WARNING from here on out.

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what is the nannys mame 12 minutes
What is the Nanny’s Name – 12 Minutes

How to Find Out Nanny’s Name in 12 Minutes

To find out the nanny’s name in 12 Minutes, there are two avenues you can pursue. The first one is to go into the bedroom and open one of the drawers to find a present from your wife. It’s a tiny onesie with the name “Dahlia” on it. Now, drug your wife with sleeping pills in a mug of water while eating dessert. Go into the bedroom after she goes to bed, flip the light on, then back off, and hide in the closet until the cop comes in. When the light switch knocks him out, pick his pockets and handcuff him, then use his gun to shoot him in the leg. Show him the onesie, and he will confirm the nanny’s name was, indeed, Dahlia.

The second option is longer, but not as aggressive. Make sure you’ve exhausted all your wife’s dialogue options concerning the nanny, and obtain Bumblebee’s number to convince the cop that your wife is innocent. Next, to find out what the nanny’s name is in 12 Minutes, open the drawer to find the onesie. Then, stand by and listen to the cop and your wife talking about the night her father died. Eventually, the policeman will say that he’ll investigate the babysitter. At that point, present him with the onesie. Once again, that reveals the name of the babysitter, unlocking the next part of the story.

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