The Callisto Protocol Manual Save Explained

The Callisto Protocol manual save system has been causing a lot of trouble among the player base. That’s because it doesn’t work the way you’d think a save system would. It’s so weird that people think it’s flat out not working. It is, just in an unintuitive way. So, let’s explain what’s going on.

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the callisto protocol manual save explained
The Callisto Protocol Manual Save Explained

Manual Save in The Callisto Protocol

The manual save system in The Callisto Protocol is a bit of a mess, as we’ve hinted at up top. However, I am fairly certain that they are actually working properly. The problem is that these manual saves don’t actually save your progress in the place where you stand. Rather, it basically just turns the last autosave checkpoint into a manual save. What does this mean in practice? Well, the manual save won’t get overwritten when you hit the next checkpoint, which is nice. Sadly, it also means that loading that save won’t take you to the exact place you saved at. Instead, you’ll begin from the last checkpoint you hit before saving. No, I can’t explain why.

So, that’s basically what you need to know when it comes to the manual save in The Callisto Protocol. It’s far from ideal, but it does technically allow you to make your own chapter select of a sort. Just make a manual save at the start of every level, and you’re good to go. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Well, because there is no New Game+, nor is there any default chapter select. Therefore, strategic manual saves are basically your only recourse. Again, I have no idea why, but it is what it is. Mind you, this is not nearly the game’s biggest problem. No, that’d definitely be the stuttering. In our The Callisto Protocol Stuttering Fix, Performance Issues Solution guide, we give you a few potential solutions.

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  1. W

    I thought this was the case, but it is not. I managed to pick up an audio file and 2 health injections and then saved my game. Immediately after, I loaded my saved game and I had neither the audio file or my 2 health injections. I do bot believe the manual or auto saves work because this has happened to me several times. I die and respawn at the checkpoint without any of the items I had in my inventory when I saved or the game was auto saved. Also, the checkpoints are extremely far apart. This is the only issue with a nearly perfect game.

    1. A
      Adrian r gomez

      Same thing has been happening to me. I hit a glitch where I cant take the implant from the guard so I’m like ok I can reload my game and now I have to go back to the other area to pick up all that extra loot I found. Really annoying. Definitely great game.

      1. A

        Yeah I had the same issue as you Adrian where I couldn’t pick up the implant and sadly I had went through the vent first instead of taking the ladder and exploring the area below so when It wouldn’t let me take the implant the save made me have to do everything all over. The auto save works but the problem is most areas have multiple paths to collect more loot but the “optional” paths usually don’t have an autosave spot for them so if you trigger the main path save then go back and explore the optional paths but end up dying you will be stuck having to collect everything over and over if until you can get to the next one. Idk the saves in this game are just stupid

    2. A
      Anthon Thomas8

      The article literally just explained the issue.
      A manual save is just a lock of the previous autosave, so no you wouldn’t save any loot or thst would mKe grinding easier.

  2. C

    The only real issue I had this with was on tough parts where I kept dying. I would have to go through the whole process of selling loot, upgrading my gear and managing my inventory every time I would die to a boss or a tough group of enemies. It was more comical than frustrating. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

  3. A
    Anthon Thomas

    I have noticed a genuine bug with manual save, in that some pickups and items are no longer present in the level after manual loading.
    Ive had to revert back to the autosave to resrore the pickups on a few occasions.
    Not great for a game that’s already quite challenging.

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