Can't Move Scar's House Disney Dreamlight Valley

Are you not sure how to move Scar’s house in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The long-awaited Scar’s Kingdom update for Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally here! And, of course, the big star of the update is the grumpy lion himself – Scar! His home is a huge skull in the Sunlit Plateau area, which was there even before his arrival. However, before the update players were able to move Scar’s house around. After the update, you can’t reposition Scar’s home anymore. In our guide, we explain why you can’t move Scar’s home and if this is a bug or a new feature.

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Can't Move Scar's House Disney Dreamlight Valley
How to move Scar’s Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Can’t Move Scar’s Home Explained

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom update is now live, featuring a host of new activities, quests, recipes, ravens, and much more. And, of course, Scar himself! The cantankerous lion has settled in a humongous skull dominating the Sunlit Plateau area. And while that was what many players expected, what was not expected it the change regarding its mobility. As of the update, you can’t move Scar’s home anymore.

Namely, before the update, players were able to freely use the Furniture menu to move the skull around as they see fit. This was used mostly so that players can grab items which fall on otherwise unreachable spots. Unfortunately, that’s not possible anymore to do. And this is already causing issues for numerous players. Reddit user Nekorena reports about him moving the house prior to the update. This has now resulted in him not being able to enter the mine, as the entrance is blocked by Scar’s house, which can’t be moved anymore.

Other players are having problems reaching various chests and other items around Scar’s house, which are now blocked by the permanently settled skull. At the time of writing, developers haven’t confirmed if the “Can’t Move Scar’s Home” situation is a bug or an intended change. For now, that’s all we know. However, we will make sure to update the article as soon as we have more information. If you know any workarounds to bypass this issue, share them with us in the comment section!



  1. K

    I wasn’t able to move his house until I finished all of his friendship quests. But now I can’t move the volcanic stove (Scar’s level 10 reward) after I placed it

    1. H

      SAAAME. I put it down in my house to look at it and now its in front of my main door of all places

  2. K

    i have the same problem , hope they fix this in an upcomming hotfix or patch

  3. M

    Me too. Set volcanic stove in living room to look at it. Now I can’t move it.

  4. C

    I placed furniture in front of scars house and it’s it’s now stuck there. I can’t select it or move it and now I can’t enter his cave to start his quests 😓 I really hope they make it movable…

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