Unlock Scar Friendship Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Not sure how to unlock the Scar Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The highly-anticipated Scar’s Kingdom update is now available for free! And, it delivers a host of exciting activities to do and quests to complete. Of course, the most exciting quests are those involving the lion himself. As usual, there are story quests and friendship quests. However, many players are confused and unsure of the requirements for unlocking Scar Friendship Quest. In this guide, we explain how to unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar Friendship Quest.

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Unlock Scar Friendship Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar Friendship Quest Bug?

How to Unlock Scar Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The main quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley are generally split into two main categories – the main story quest and friendship quests. Both of these types can be related to a specific character and their universe. With Scar, you can start his main story quest, Nature and Nurture, immediately upon interacting with him. However, his Friendship Quest remains locked even after you’ve seemingly fulfilled its conditions. And this is what has many players currently confused. The quest has two requirements:

  • Level Up Friendship with Scar to Level 2
  • Progress Further with Remy
Unlock Scar Friendship Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley
Complete the Nature and Nurture quest to unlock Scar Friendship Quest.

Thus, you will need to complete Remy’s story and work on your friendship with Scar. Give Scar gifts and food in order to boost your friendship. Now, the real confusion comes after you complete both of these. That’s why you are probably here. Because, despite having both completed, the Friendship Quest is still locked. is this some kind of the Scar Friendship Quest glitch or not? Apparently, what you need to do is to complete the Nature and Nurture quest first. This is not stated as a requirement, but that’s what you need to do. Unfortunately, that means that you will need to wait a couple of days for the last step to be completed – “Tend the Orb of Nurturing until it’s fully restored“. After a couple of days, the Friendship Quest should unlock.



  1. A

    Thank you guys so much I thought my game was glitching it’s been bothering me all day !!

  2. C

    I am really starting to regret the 80 usd I spent on this stupid game. Glitches, bugs and quest progressions stalling are making this game really awful to play. I got the scar quest and now I have to wait a few days to even play it while a plant grows? This is just stupid. I have NO other quests and so I can’t even play it. I am upset and probably going to trash this game and am looking for ways to give it a bad review.

    1. E

      I completed all the quests a long time ago and use those days waiting for things like the plant to grow to farm and make tons of cash, do dreamlight duties to stock up on those points and working on the Halloween item in the Villians path. I do hate getting stuck behind your friend character that follows you at certain points.

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