Can't Sell Weapons to Traders - Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic - Escape from Tarkov

Not being able to sell weapons to traders in Escape from Tarkov, such as the Jaeger, Fence, or Mechanic, is a problem some players have been encountering. You might have a cache full of all sorts of guns, and none of the vendors want to take some of them. And what good are the weapons then, just taking up space? Well, in our Can’t Sell Weapons to Traders – Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic – Escape from Tarkov guide, we’ll show you why the vendors sometimes refuse certain guns and what you can do about it.

cant sell weapons to traders jaeger fence mechanic escape from tarkov
Can’t Sell Weapons to Traders – Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic – Escape from Tarkov

Can’t Sell Weapons to Escape from Tarkov Traders – Jaeger, Fence, Mechanic

If you can’t sell a weapon to any trader from Escape from Tarkov, be it the Jaeger, the Fence, or the Mechanic, odds are the weapon’s durability is too low. The general rule of thumb is, if the weapon has a durability that’s under 60, the vendors aren’t gonna want to have anything to do with them. And yes, they don’t give a good goddamn whether or not you just had them repaired, because that’s just how Tarkov rolls. So, if the durability of the gun you’re trying to sell isn’t over 60, you can forget about it.

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Well, that’s not entirely accurate, I’m being a little facetious. Even the garbagiest gun might be sold for parts; at the very least, it doesn’t hurt to try. Disassemble the gun and sell the receiver to the Fence, then take the rest of the pieces and sell them to the Mechanic. Odds are, you are not going to get the same amount of money as you would when selling a full gun, but it’s a sight better than nothing. It’s the best way to make the most out of a weapon you can’t sell to the Jaeger, Fence, or Mechanic traders in Escape from Tarkov.

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