Carol Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

It’s not always fun and games when running the Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop. This CRK event requires that we bake cakes for many Cookies in the game. Naturally, the cakes they want depend on their personalities. Some cakes are pretty simple to make, while others can be tricky to figure out. Take the Carol Cookie Cake as an example. She wants her cake to have “a good amount of Mint Frosting” on it. But what does that mean, and how much is too much? Or too little? Well, we’re going to show you how to get five stars from the Carol Cookie Cake in Cookie Run Kingdom, right here.

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Carol Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom
Carol Cookie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Carol Cookie Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

Carol Cookie Cake is a newly-added playable character in Cookie Run Kingdom, so you may not have had a chance to play with her yet and get to know her personality. In fact, if you are wondering what the best toppings for her are, we have a separate Carol Cookie Toppings guide. We recommend you give it a read if you want to get the most out of her. When she strolls into your Cake Shop, she’ll ask you to make her a Vibrant Blueberry Cream Cake.

Luckily, this is very easy to do. To begin with, choose the Vibrant Blueberry Cream Cake. Next, you need to make sure that it consists of exactly two tiers. And now comes the difficult part – the frosting. The Mint Frosting part of the recipe is a no-brainer, but how much of it should you put on the cake itself? Well, we went with eight and this has worked for us. Finally, don’t put any toppings on it. Wrap the cake up and present it to Carol Cookie. If you have done everything correctly, you should get five stars.

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