Poison Mushroom Cookie Cake, Shroomie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

In The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop event, you will be asked to make cakes for assorted Cookies in the game. Each Cookie will have their own preferences and you need to figure out what sort of cake they want based on their descriptions. Typically this is easy enough to figure out, but some Cookies are harder to get right than others. Take Poison Mushroom Cookie as an example. To get her Shroomie Cake right and earn 5 stars, you will need to determine exactly what Mushroom Cookie wants. We’re going to show you how to make the Shroomie Cake for Poison Mushroom Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom right here.

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Poison Mushroom Cookie Cake, Shroomie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom
Poison Mushroom Cookie Cake, Shroomie Cake, Cookie Run Kingdom

Poison Mushroom Cookie’s Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

When Poison Mushroom Cookie enters the store, they are going to ask you for a, in their own words: “Spooores…! Want some cake? Huuuh… Shroomie caaaake!” Now, unlike most other Cookies, this is a very strange request with not a lot of information to go on. But, and this is very important, don’t ask Poison Mushroom Cookie to clarify. If you do this, you won’t get 5 stars, since Poison Mushroom Cookie will get annoyed with you. Instead, simply agree to make the cake.

Luckily, the Shroomie Cake itself is very easy to make once you have figured out the “secret” to making it. In fact, just like its name suggests, the Shroomie Cake is basically Poison Mushroom Cookie in cake form. To bake it, you need to do the following: 4 Layers of Vibrant Blueberry Cream, with no frosting, and no toppings. Wrap it up and give it to Poison Mushroom Cookie, who will be delighted that you managed to get it right. This is probably the hardest cake to figure out, after Candy Diver Cookie Cake With Symbols, but seeing Poison Mushroom Cookie so happy with its Shroomie Cake makes it worth it.

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    I did 3 tier blue berry with 5 blue berry frosting on top and got 5 stars from poison mushroom cookie.

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