Character Deleted & Gone Fix - Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Diablo 2 Resurrected character deleted and gone bug has been hitting a number of players, so of course they want to know what to do about it. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fix the character disappearing bug in Diablo 2 Resurrected. We’ll be presenting all of them in our Character Deleted & Gone Fix – Diablo 2 Resurrected guide.

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character deleted & gone fix diablo 2 resurrected
Character Deleted & Gone Fix – Diablo 2 Resurrected

D2R October 2021 server outages update

UPDATE October 9th 2021: There seems to be a problem with and all online characters for most players are missing. There’s a thread on the official Diablo 2 Resurrected forums being filled with hundreds of reports about people’s characters missing. This is not player related and is most likely a server issue. Please have patience while Blizzard tries and fix this issue. There is no official word of the problem as of yet and we’ll update this article as soon as we find out something.

UPDATE October 11th 2021 by Editor-in-Chief: Over the weekend there were several incidents of all players being booted out of the game and subsequently not having access to their online characters for a while. These incidents lasted anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. There were emergency maintenances being done. Still, outages continued. It seems European servers had several more incidents than NA. I just wanted to tell fellow D2R players that it is not their fault. It is Blizzard and their server infrastructure and programming that is causing this. After decades of running online games they don’t seem to be capable of creating and maintaining an infrastructure even for a 20 year old remastered game. There is no official word on what is causing these outages or timeline of when these issues will be permanently resolved. It seems that the luckiest D2R players are those that created and played offline characters.

We’ve seen thousands of people coming to this page because of these outages. This means that the issue is widespread and is impacting a large number of people that purchased the game. If at any point Blizzard decides to give an honest explanation about what is happening we’ll update the article. In the meantime I hope you won’t be hit by these server crashes too hard. All I can recommend is to play an offline character or find something to play that is not run by dilettantes.

How to Fix Character Deleted & Gone – Diablo 2 Resurrected

To fix the Diablo 2 Resurrected bug where your character seems deleted and gone, there are several things that you can do. First off, though, a bit of reassurance – this seems to be a server issue. In other words, your character is probably not actually gone; rather, the server just had a hiccup and made them temporarily unavailable. By hiccup, I mean the servers are in absolute shambles right now, but that’s a different matter. So, with that out of the way, here’s what you can do to fix the issue. It’s actually quite simple, and one of the steps should work.

First off, try to exit the game and come back in. If that doesn’t work, log out of the client and log back in, then turn the game on again. Next, try to restart the client, or even reinstall it completely. If the problem persists, another fix for the Diablo 2 Resurrected character deleted and gone bug, change your region into literally any other than the one you’re on by default, then go back into the game. Last, but not least, make a new character. For some reason, that sometimes causes your old character to come back.

Those are all the potential fixes we know of for the character disappearing bug in Diablo 2 Resurrected. If you have any solutions of your own, let us know in the comments below. Hopefully, the Activision Blizzard will bring the servers up to snuff, because the current situation is pretty inexcusable.

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  1. D
    Dumb trash post

    I got an idea for a fix. Maybe blizzard should you know just fix it. Game worked better 20 years ago

    1. I

      Couldn’t agree more..but it’s not just Blizzard, it seems to be a trend across the board.
      Almost EVERYTHING was better 20 years ago.

      1. D

        It might seem that way but it was just as bad or worse. It’s just now we have a sound board for everyone who has a negative experience to come on here and post where everyone can see it. Back when this game originally launched social media was not a thing.

        1. L

          There were message boards 20 years ago buddy

  2. G

    All you have to do create an offline char then exit and go back to online

    1. G

      That didn’t work

    2. R

      OMG! I did work for me! Thanks for sharing the fix! Not that I have gods to loose my highest is a level 48 sorceress that’s in act 3 NM. I have no one to play with so I don’t progress very fast! Again man, thanks for sharing that fix 🙂 have a nice one… so I just noticed I am replying like 1 year later, I wonder if you still come here and will see this?

  3. R

    My online 85 sorc with ful tal rashas randomly deleted itself on xbox series x.
    This game is beyond busted.

  4. M

    I can’t believe on Saturday!

  5. D

    all my existing characters are gone! can’t wait for Blizzard’s statement

    1. T

      me too

  6. G

    Yeah, nothing is working for me. Tried creating a new offline character. That didn’t work. Just restarted console and that didn’t help.

    1. W
      wesly holmstrom

      i made an offline char while the online shambles get sussed out and now that char got deleted. Cant even join a game offline now.

  7. E
    Erik derieux

    How about fixing it so I don’t gotta jump through so many danm hoops I want my money back

  8. G

    Happened to me this morning all of them gone

  9. R

    is the problem only on PC?

    1. J

      I play on Xbox and have the same problem

    2. D

      I play on Nintendo switch
      And have the same problem

  10. J

    Same here. Game crashed and after restarting, all characters are gone… My highest was a lvl 86 Sorc and I had some good stuff in my chest. Hopefully they patch it soon.

    1. J

      I mean, some good stuff in my stash 😅

  11. A

    Same answers as everyone else, played last night like 8 hours ago online, woke up this morning turned it on and no character. Righton

  12. T

    Yeah ps4 too 86 sorc with shako and 80 Java zon better be getting that all back

    1. D

      Shako arnt that good.

    2. T

      I’ve been having the same problem. I play it on xbox series x. Not only I’ve never been able to enter or open public matches since day one and been playing alone ever since, now my characters are all gone! What could I possibly do to solve those problems I’ve been having?

  13. E

    This is all I was looking forward to doing today, I guess yard work it is, bleh.

  14. A

    I really hope you’re right about the data still being on the server. If this was an attack rather than a major error there will be some severe repercussions, but that’s the worst case scenario. Hopefully this was just a server overload with the huge influx of people suddenly playing diablo II again – they may not have anticipated the server load.
    One way or another, it’s a crappy situation, but I’m glad I’m not the only one its happened to otherwise I feel like it wouldn’t even get attention.

    Thanks for trying anyways.

  15. B
    Big Mike

    Yea seeing that everyone is having the same issue on the same day (Oct 9) i would imagine its a mass wide problem. If they dont fix this then they just lost my business for D4.

    1. S
      Small Mike is okay…you are just one of our customers. bye felicia!

  16. B

    Well, there goes all my stuff. Thanks, Blizzard. I can see you were really prepared for this launch.

  17. T
    Tree nut

    Whole client is down guys relax lol I’m sure they are doing much needed maintenance

  18. Y

    Here’s an idea Blizzard: how about your spend a bit out of your billions or dollars and make the servers more stable? Or all you’re interested in is the bare minimum of expenses to keep the servers running?

  19. K

    All my character on their server are gone too this morning..(Oct 9) It is a server thing
    Playing on PS4

  20. R
    Rob Shearer

    Sxxxx battlenet, blizzard, and every single person who worked on this garbage. I want my money back.

  21. J

    Usually I just click on new character, then back out. My character returns. Today, I tried new character, restarting game, Xbox and even the router. Nothing is working.
    Me and my son just got back from fishing and we want to play diablo together. I did not buy 2 copies for this hiccup, you call it.
    Blizzard get on it.

    1. J

      I just tried making a new character completely and this is the error message I received.
      “An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers. Please check that you are connected to the Internet and try again.”

      1. C

        I got the same thing also (XBox)

  22. K

    well My 77Sorceress is back,
    but now the cube is gone…😅

    1. K

      Got the cube back in a Normal game , act2 hallofdeads3 where it drop..

  23. D

    Turned on my d2 resurrected for xbox.
    Had a level 79 sorc spirit tals nagerling 200 mf etc is gone.
    This isn’t good.

  24. B

    Everything suddenly gone on my PS5. October 10 EU.
    So bummed out now, I can’t even describe it…
    Tried restarting a bunch of times.

  25. B

    yeah all my stuff is gone and nothing is bringing it back. sweet

  26. S

    Yeah I literally VOLUNTARILY logged out of my just turned 80 Mf sorc with so many rare & unique items not to mention Mid-HR I had 2 ber and a mal… just needed the ist….

    The most cruel part of this twist of fate is that I had logged off to update my antivirus/graphics drivers/Microsoft updates to ensure that everything remains secure and running smoothly. Can you imagine my horror after a 12 hour binge on this damn game? What IF I had just left it the hell allns and gone to bed… what IF all my hard work farming s**t and reliving my childhood glory was for naught?

    Then I’ll probably die a little bit more on the inside before I just say f**k it! and buy an enigma on eBay! ‘Cause I’m an adult and I can afford to pay to win (or in this case at *least*
    level the playing field when the game just straight F**Ks you…)

    I wouldn’t even be surprised at all if actiblizz was fully aware of the issue, how widespread and pervasive it was, and how to stop it, and they did nothing because they probably own half of the pay-to-win websites that “bot” the same boss farming routes over and over on multiple accounts to amass virtual treasure troves of “real” digital items that can be resold to consumers who can’t be bothered to setup such a sophisticated scheme or invest the actual man-hours in farming high end content. It’s a shady, sad, dream-crushing world. Just when I thought I had recaptured a part of the joy of my youth, I instead taste bitter failure and disappointment.

  27. T

    Why are all my character gone? If I don’t get my 10 missing chars back, one that’s level 83 and full gear. I’ll demand a full-refund.

  28. A

    ” It seems that the luckiest D2R players are those that created and played offline characters.”

    Yeah no. My offline characters disappeared so that’s not an online-only issue.

  29. H

    Funny thing is they been having these problems for 20 years. When diablo 2 launched original there was server issues for month where they game was basically unplayable period. So ya 20 years and zero lessons learned.

  30. B

    I first noticed (October 11 around 11pm, maybe 12am) an issue when I tried transmuting 3 sapphires into a flawless one, and they wouldn’t combine. When I exited to the menu, all my characters were gone (3 characters, highest lvl 74). I tried creating an offline character, that was still possible, however my online characters were still gone. I tried making a new online character, that wasn’t possible, so was my ability to join lobbies, no one said anything in chat, so it might’ve been just me. Logging off and on didn’t help. I noticed on the battlenet window, it said they were aware of a server issue, so I trusted that the problem would be fixed. Checked again in the morning, everything seemed to be in order, all my characters and items were back, so I guess you just have to give it time.

    1. J
      Joshua Fried

      It’s Saturday October 16th and it’s still happening on ps4. Usually when I restart the game my characters come back but not this time and also tried all the supposed fixes. They need to get their shite together cus this sucks.

  31. D

    Yup.. LastvSaturday the 16th (Europe servers offline from 9 am (at least) till about 8pm….so no available characters visible.
    Afterwards my characters did return.. But yet again today at least from noon till now (3 pm) servers doen again.
    Also server status pages shiw increased problems with D2 servers..
    It rediculous this game has been out for a month andnit looks likenit getting worse and worse by the day and no official statement from Blizzard makes it intolerable!

  32. F

    This experience happened to me on my PC version this morning while I was playing offline. The missing character’s file data still exists in the “Saved Games” folder for Diablo II Resurrection. I don’t know how to reload the data so the client sees it. Worst case is when my game crashed, the character’s file data was corrupted so the game can’t load it.

  33. B
    blizzard sux

    this morning all characters gone . i see nothing changes . ant what i should to do ? whait for it or just delet this game once for all ?

  34. L

    This morning I have 2 level 6 and 7 characters that are not mine and none of mine 🙁 so they mixed up the character lists. I could now destroy these characters or strip them or whatever and I know that someone can do it with our characters too 🙁 as one character is over level 70 and another 65, I wonder in what condition I get them back

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