Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Solution

Everyone loves a good squad building challenge, but none of them are as hard as the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22. This is because this particular challenge requires a lot of strategy and planning to think up of a good solution. Since the Puzzle Master has a lot of really high and specific requirements, getting everything just right is a challenge in itself. To help you construct a team capable of completing this squad building challenge, keep on reading our Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Solution guide.

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Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Solution

SBC FIFA 22 Puzzle Master Solution

To start with, let’s take a look at all the Puzzle Master squad building challenge requirements. These are:

  • Have players from exactly 9 nationalities in the team.
  • Have players from exactly 7 leagues in the team.
  • You can have a maximum of 3 players from the same club.
  • Minimum team rating: 82.
  • Minimum chemistry: 85.

Here are several possible solutions to this challenge, courtesy of Futbin. We’ve put all of these combinations in the screenshot gallery down below. All of these are relatively cheap solutions to solve this, and will typically cost between 12 and 15,000. Of course, when the game gets released, all of these prices will no doubt go through some changes, so please bear in mind that all of this can change soon.

Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Without Loyalty?

It isn’t possible to complete the Puzzle Master squad building challenge without loyalty bonuses. At least seven of your players will need to have loyalty bonuses in order to complete this challenge. So, the best thing to do here is to buy the team with these players, play ten friendly matches to raise this, and then tackle the Puzzle Master squad building challenge. And that’s our Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Solution guide. We hope that you have found our tips on how to solve this challenge useful.

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