Cherry Blossom Cookie Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom

Fans want to know when Cherry Blossom Cookie is coming to Cookie Run Kingdom, and of course they do. New cookies are always a good reason for curiosity, and Devsisters have already been teasing the arrival of Cherry Blossom Cookie to CRK. Besides, this cookie is already in Cookie Run Ovenbaked, so it’s about time it makes it to Kingdom, too. So, when can you expect to see Cherry Blossom in this game? Let’s find out.

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cherry blossom cookie coming to cookie run kingdom
Cherry Blossom Cookie Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom

When is Cherry Blossom Cookie Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom

EDIT: The launch date of Cherry Blossom Cookie and the corresponding update has been revealed, and it’s April 18th. I was close with my prediction. Original text follows.

Cherry Blossom Cookie is probably coming to Cookie Run Kingdom on April 14th, maybe April 15th. That is entirely based on conjecture, mind you. I’m saying this because Devsisters announced their “first ever online showcase,” and that will happen on April 14th at 10 AM (GMT+9). They promise to show “new titles, new updates, new stories, and more.” Assuming that a new update is going to follow this online showcase, it’s reasonable to assume that that Cherry Blossom is going to arrive along with it. I say it’s reasonable because they’ve already teased the new cookie in another recent tweet. It reveals that Cherry Cookie has grown a huge cherry tree, asking “Don’t you wonder who else springtime might bring…?”

That, to me, is all the evidence one needs as to when Cherry Blossom Cookie is coming to Cookie Run Kingdom. Cherries blossom from early march to early to mid April, give or take. So, I’d bet we’ll get to see the new, spring-themed cookie in CRK pretty soon. Now, we don’t know when exactly; the April 14th or 15th is just educated guesswork on my part. Obviously, if I end up being wrong, we’ll amend this article to reflect that. Meanwhile, feel free to share your expectations of how Cherry Blossom Cookie is going to play. She’s already a part of Cookie Run Ovenbaked, yes, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t completely change her for Kingdom. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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