Cherry Cookie Cake, Cherry Bomb, Cookie Run Kingdom

The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop is a new event added with the latest update. In our Cookie Run Kingdom Cherry Cookie Cake guide we will show you how to prepare Cherry Bomb Cake. This order has a very specific recipe, and if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll not get 5 Hearts Review.

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Cherry Cookie Cake, Cherry Bomb, Cookie Run Kingdom
Cherry Cookie Cake, Cherry Bomb, Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Cherry Cookie’s Cake Order and Recipe for Cherry Bomb

When the Cherry Cookie enters the Holiday Cake Shop she’ll ask you for a Cherry Bomb cake. She will give you a few instructions for the cake such as: with a BOOM here, Bam there and Ba Ba Boom Everywhere! As you noticed she doesn’t give you a lot of information. You have to admit that this is a little strange request for a cake, thus, it’s not easy to fulfill it. If you try to find out more about Cherry Bomb, unfortunately, you will lose a heart. So, don’t click on the yellow button … What cake? For the 5 stars your only option is just to click on the green button – Okey! I’m on it!.

Luckily, the Cherry Bomb cake is very easy to make once you interpret the correct ingredients. Start with a 4-tier Strawberry cream cake, skip the frostings, but put 8 or more cherries.. Once you finish the cake, Cherry Cookie will be extremely satisfied with this explosive taste!

To conclude, if you put the right ingredients but ask additional questions for the Cherry Cookie’s Cake, you will get only 4 heart review. The game will also show “Did I say something wrong…?”, after the cake is prepared. Thus, make sure not to ask additional questions, just follow our guide, and the best review is guaranteed. With that said, our Cherry Cookie Cake, Cherry Bomb, Cookie Run Kingdom is completed.

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