Knight Cookie Cake, Cream Bouquet, Cookie Run Kingdom

Not sure how to bake a Cake for Knight Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? We’ve got you covered! Cookie Run Kingdom Version 3.10 her arrived! Known as the Stories by the Fireplace update, this new patch packs quite a lot. Our favourite part is, without a doubt, the Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop. This guide explains how to fulfil the Knight Cookie Cake Order and get a 5-Heart review.

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Knight Cookie Cake, Cream Bouquet, Cookie Run Kingdom

Knight Cookie Cake Order & Recipe, Cookie Run Kingdom

The Version 3.10 update for Cookie Run Kingdom is finally here! And inside it, many new and exciting features to dive into. The main stars are the two new cookies – Sherbet Cookie and Carol Cookie. But also, there is a Tower of Sweet Chaos expansion, the Lantern of Friendly Winds event, and The Sugar Gnomes’ Holiday Cake Shop. We will be in charge of the Cake Shop, and our customers will be our cookie friends. Each will have their special order on what kind of cake they want. Make the right cake for them, and you’ll get rewarded alongside a 5-Heart review!

You’ll have no trouble getting a 5-Heart review for most cookie cake orders. However, there are always those grumpy customers who’ll refuse to give you a perfect review unless you don’t do everything they desire. For example, Knight Cookie will request a “Cream Bouquet” cake for Princess Cookie. Here’s a recipe for the night Cookie Cake Order:

  • 4 Layers/Tiers Fragrant Strawberry Cream
  • 8 Strawberries Frosting
  • 8 Candy Flowers Topping

However, that’s not all you need in order to get a 5-Heart review. Just like our friend Vampire Cookie, Knight Cookie doesn’t like being asked too many unnecessary questions. Hence, you must not ask him for additional explanations. If you do so, he will only give you a 4-Heart review, even if you make a perfect cake for him. With that said, our “Knight Cookie Cake, Cream Bouquet, Cookie Run Kingdom” is completed.

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