Cities Skylines 2 Export Water

If you don’t know how to export water in Cities Skylines 2, welcome to the club. The system, while simple once you wrap your head around it, is relatively obtuse form the outset. Which is a bummer, because water is an excellent resource to export; it can really boost your economy. Well, in this guide, we are going to explain how to export water in Cities Skylines II, so that you can reap all those sweet benefits.

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cities skylines 2 export water
Cities Skylines 2 Export Water

How to Export Water in Cities Skylines 2

In order to export water in Cities Skylines 2 (or Cities Skylines II, if you prefer), the first (and basically only) thing you have to do is draw a water pipe to one of the edges of the map. Okay, fine, I make it sound simpler than it is. The first step is to hop into the info view panel, then click on the Outside Connections tab. Now, look around the borders of the map until you find the water or sewage icon that indicates there’s a place where you can connect a pipe. With all of that out of the way, you have to purchase the tiles from your city to that border where you can make a connection. It will cost you, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Try to make it as straightforward as you can. Lastly, build the pipes from the city to the edge. Props to Jasonus1 for explaining the system succinctly.

So, yeah, that’s how you export water in Cities Skylines 2. In fact, I think you can also import water this way. Be that as it may, the process is automatic, and you can keep an eye on it in the electricity/water view and the profits you’re making under the Finances tab. Now, a we’ve already covered, this can be a pretty expensive investment, However, water is a valuable resource (duh) and therefore, other cities will likely be willing to pay a premium for it. Or trade it for other resources you might be lacking in, like food or power. Either way, it’ll be good for your city’s economy.

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