Clash of Clans Barracks Disappeared, Only One Left Explained

So, your Clash of Clans Barracks disappeared and are missing and you have only one left. Both the CoC Barracks and Dark Barracks have vanished into thin air. What the heck happened? Did you encounter some sort of horrific, game-destroying bug? Rest assured, you have not. It’s all working as intended. Here’s what is actually happening.

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clash of clans barracks disappeared only one left explained
Clash of Clans Barracks Disappeared, Only One Left Explained

Clash of Clans Barracks Missing, Only One Barracks Left Explained

If you have only one Barracks left and all the other Clash of Clans Barracks are missing, that’s because of the new update to CoC. They have announced that they’ll be introducing these changes back in late September 2022. Here’s what the post had to say: “We will remove extra Barracks and Dark Barracks buildings and only keep one of each. The highest level building will be kept, and in case all the highest level buildings are under construction you will keep the one with the shortest upgrade time left.” Now, what is the cause of this? Well, they want to introduce changes to the Barracks system. I assume it was necessary to remove all the Barracks for this to work.

So, that’s why your Clash of Clans Barracks are missing and you have only one left. I know, it really is not the best feeling if you didn’t catch the announcement and got blindsided. However, all is far from lost. The same post says: “Troop training time will be the same with one Barracks or Dark Barracks as it is now with four Barracks or two Dark Barracks.” So, that should soften the blow somewhat. On top of that: “All production buildings (Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory and Siege Workshop) will now be able to keep training units when under upgrade. Instead of stopping completely they’ll continue training at 50% of their normal speed.” A decent tradeoff, I’d say.

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