Clash Royale Balance Changes June 2022

The developers have revealed the June 2022 Clash Royale balance changes have been revealed. They are introducing refinements to nine different cards, such as Mother Witch, Night Witch, Electro Giant, Skeleton King, and others. It’s important to keep track of these buffs and nerfs, as it can completely upset your deck. So, let’s get into it.

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clash royale balance changes june 2022
Clash Royale Balance Changes June 2022

Clash Royale Balance Changes in June 2022

The June 2022 balance changes in Clash Royale affect nine cards, all of which needed a bit of tweaking. Some of then are getting buffs, while others that have grown a bit too strong are getting nerfs. Here’s a list of all the changes.

  • Mother Witch
    • Hit Speed increased by 9%
    • First Hit speed increased by 25%
    • Counters previous hit points nerf with DPS increase
  • Electro Giant
    • Hit points increased by 9%
    • Roughly halfway between old and current 8 Elixir hit point values
  • Night Witch
    • Hit Speed increased by 13%
    • Emphasizes her role as a dual Support/Damage dealer
  • Barbarians
    • Hit Speed increased by 7%
    • Affects Barbarians, Battle Ram, Barbarian Hut, Barbarian Barrel
    • Buffs all 4 Barbarian cards along with Barrel range nerf
  • Goblin Drill
    • Travel Speed reduced by 25%
    • Fixes accidental change caused by changes to Mighty Miner
  • Skeleton King
    • Soul Summoning Ability maximum Skeleton count reduced fro 20 to 18
    • Relieves pressure on the opponent suffered when Skeleton King collects enough souls
  • The Log
    • Damage dealt to Crown Towers reduced by 33%, from 30% to 20%
    • Nerfs damage but retains knockback ability
  • Royal Ghost
    • Invisibility cooldown increased from 1.6 seconds to 1.8 seconds
    • Balances his role in strong meta decks
  • Barbarian Barrel
    • Range reduced from 5 to 4.5
    • Basically allows the Barrel to hit the tower once instead of twice if unanswered

So, those are the balance changes in Clash Royale in June 2022, according to the official announcement. If you happen to notice anything else that’s different, but not mentioned in the post, let us know in the comments. Just in case there are some shadow nerfs or buffs happening.

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