Clash Royale Best Champion Cards, Ranked

When it comes to all the different Cards that you can use in Clash Royale, Champions stand above the rest. These powerful Cards are characterized by their special abilities. For some extra Elixir, you can turn on these abilities, which are going to grant Champions with some short-term effects. Needless to say, but if you use these at the right time, you can swing the tide of battle in your favor. But which Champions are the best ones? We have all of the Clash Royale Best Champion Cards Ranked right here in this guide.

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Clash Royale Best Champion Cards, Ranked
Clash Royale Best Champion Cards, Ranked

Best Champion Card in Clash Royale

Currently, there are six Champion Cards in the game. These are: Golden Knight, Skeleton King, Archer Queen, Mighty Miner, Monk, and Little Prince. These don’t get added often (the Little Prince was the latest addition), but more such Cards are almost definitely going to be added in the future. So let’s see which ones are the best ones here:

  • #6 Skeleton King. With his Soul Summoning ability (which costs 2 Elixir), the Skeleton King can summon additional Skeletons to his side. If you fully charge up this ability before using it, the Arena is going to be swarming with the undead.
  • #5 Mighty Miner. High HP and Explosive Escape (1 additional Elixir) that allow him to cross over to the other side of the Arena, and leave a nice little bomb behind makes him a very unpredictable and versatile Champion.
  • #4 Little Prince. This mischevious critter has the Royal Rescue power (a beefy 3 Elixir). When activated, he will summon Guardienne to his aid.
  • #3 Monk. A solid tank, the Monk’s true power lies in his Pensive Protection (1 Elixir) ability. With it, he can deflect projectiles and spells back at the nearest Crown Tower.
  • #2 Archer Queen. One of the best ranged Cards in the game, her Cloaking Cape ability (1 Elixir) allows her to turn herself invisible. While under the effects of this power, she can’t be targeted. Very powerful when used the right way.
  • #1 Golden Knight. Good HP and a solid damage output, the Golden Knight possesses the Dashing Dash (1 Elixir) ability. This causes him to dash forward, hitting enemies in his way. The best part is that he is invulnerable while dashing.
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