Clash Royale Ice Spirit Evolution Card

Ever since they were first introduced to the game, Evolution Cards became some of the most fun and innovative game mechanics in all of Clash Royale. The way that this works is by changing a card – usually a low-level one – to make it much more dangerous. It does this by giving it better stats, such as more HP and DMG, but even more importantly, by also providing them with new abilities. These drastically alter the way that a card works and makes it much more useful. The latest of these is the Clash Royale Ice Spirit Evolution Card. So here’s everything that we know about the Ice Spirit Evolution, including when it is coming out and how it is going to work.

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Clash Royale Ice Spirit Evolution Card
Clash Royale Ice Spirit Evolution Card

Ice Spirit Evolution in Clash Royale

The tenth Evolution Card in Clash Royale, the Ice Spirit Evolution was recently teased by the devs. And, while there were several possibilities of which Card was going to get the Evolution (including the Bowler and Giant Snowball), the little Ice Spirit won out in the end. This is a fast-moving 1 Elixir card, and, while it had its uses, it was never one of the better ones in the game. But all of that is about to change.

Now, as for when the Ice Spirit is coming to the game – it is going to arrive as part of the December 2023 Update. This update is scheduled to come out on December 4th. And while we don’t yet know the full list of all the bonuses that the Ice Spirit Evolution is going to get, it appears that it is going to receive the Ice Blast ability. This will cause the affected targets to receive two additional freeze blasts. A power such as this will definitely bring a lot of new strategy options and tactical considerations to the game, and we can’t wait to try it out.

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