Clash Royale Naughty or Nice Choice

The Clash Royale Naughty or Nice choice has been causing a bit of confusion among the player base, so we’re here to clear things up. In this guide, we are going to explain what this choice is about and how to push for either side. And, of course, what the prizes are going to be, depending on which side wins. Let’s dive straight into it!

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clash royale naughty or nice choice
Clash Royale Naughty or Nice Choice

Clash Royale Naughty or Nice Choice Explained

The Naughty or Nice choice in Clash Royale only determines which reward the player base is going to receive on December 25th. Here’s how it works. If people use “naughty” emotes (one of which you can get for free from the in-game store) more, everyone will get the Grouchy Goblin tower skin. You can see what it looks like in this video on Twitter. It’s in the top half at eighteen seconds. If, on the other hand, the player base use “nice” emotes more, you’ll get the Freezy the Snowman tower skin. It’s at the same time stamp, just on the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind that the “losing” skin is still going to be available for purchase from the in-game store. The only difference is that the “winning” skin will be free.

So, yeah, that’s basically all there is to the Clash Royale Naughty or Nice choice. As for what the difference between naughty and nice emotes is… I mean, let’s be honest, you know what the difference is. If you use an emote that’s mocking your opponent, that’s obviously naughty. On the other hand, saying “well played” or “good game” is nice. In fact, the video we’ve linked above gives you several examples as to what counts as nice and what counts as naughty. But come on, you know. Take a look at which tower skin you want to get for free, then load up your loadout with the appropriate emotes and spam them as much as you can. I’m really curious to see which side comes out victorious.

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