Clash Royale Party Mode Explained

The latest Clash Royale update, called the “Update for losers”, has certainly been an impactful one. It has changed a lot of things in the game, not the least of which is the way that the 2v2 party mode now works. And, unfortunately, these changes are – the majority of them, anyway – not the good kind. So if you are wondering what exactly has happened to the game and how the Party Mode works now, we have all of the most important info regarding it in this Clash Royale Party Mode Explained guide.

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Clash Royale Party Mode Explained
Clash Royale Party Mode Explained

Has Clash Royale Removed 2v2?

No, the 2v2 Game Mode has not been removed from Clash Royale. However, as we are going to explain in the next section, the way that it now works has resulted in it being far less enticing to play. If you are not sure where’s 2v2 now, this video shows where it can be found.

Clash Royale Party Mode After New Update

The biggest problem with 2v2 Party Mode in Clash Royale after the new “Update for losers” is that the rewards in the form of chests and crowns have been removed from it. You now only earn Season Tokens instead. Since there is no more incentive for players to play this game mode, as they can no longer advance in the game by playing it, this has – understandably – been a big blow to 2v2 players. It appears that developers Supercell want to completely play down the importance of this game mode – without removing it outright.

Seeing as the Pass Royale has also been changed for the worse – it is now more expensive, divided into several tiers, and you need to grind more to unlock the best rewards – it’s safe to say that this update has not been received well by most of the Clash Royale fanbase. Hopefully, the devs will take notice of player dissatisfaction and adjust things accordingly.

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